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COVID-19 UPDATE: San Ramon Olympic Pool and Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center

Lap Swim – Maximum Number of Swims – Effective November 9th

As we move into the winter season we will be continuing construction at the San Ramon Olympic Pool, accommodating the return of High School water sports, and will experience several holiday closures that will affect the total number of lap swim sessions available each week.  We continue to experience a high demand for the lap swim program and it has become necessary to modify the maximum number of swims allowed each week.  Starting November 9th all participants will be allowed a maximum of 3 swims each week. 

Lap Swim Reservation Cancellation Procedure – Effective September 14th

Due to the number of late cancellations and failure to attend reservations we have been experiencing, the following cancellation policy will be implemented effective Monday September 14. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to ensure that other swimmers can use your space if you are unable to attend a reserved lap swim session.

  • 24 Hours or Earlier - Participants can cancel their own reservations through sign up genius. Detailed directions for how to cancel through sign up genius.  
  • 24 Hours to 1 Hour - Participants must call (925) 973-3240 for cancellation.
  • Within 1 hour or Failure to Attend - Participants will be removed from their sessions for the remainder of the week and will be unable to make new reservations for that week.
  •  Repetitive Cancellations - If a participant cancels again within 1 hour of the scheduled session or does not show for a reserved session, participants will be removed from their sessions for the remainder of the week and the following week. No new reservations will be allowed to be made during this period.

Lap Swim Reservation Information:

  • Please wear a cloth face covering at all times while not in the water.  Participants not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the facility.  The City of San Ramon reserves the right to refuse service for failure to wear a cloth face covering when not in the water. 

Here are the key days for reserving lanes for lap swim sessions each week:

All Facilities - Every Wednesday at 2:30pm - San Ramon Residents All Swim Pass Holders with access code
All Facilities - Every Friday at 2:30pm - Everyone

Access codes will be emailed to San Ramon Resident All Swim Pass Holders every Tuesday. Please ensure your email is up to date at or check in with us at your next visit to the pool. 

  • Lap Swim sessions will be available by reservation only for participants 14 years and older through sign up genius at
    • San Ramon Resident All-Swim Pass holders are able to reserve five lap swim sessions per week during the access code period between the San Ramon Olympic Pool and Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center.
    • Due to the continual high demand, once lap swim reservations are opened on Friday, all swimmers will be limited to a maximum of three lap swim reservations per week.
    • Swimmers will reserve lanes by the depth of water at the side of the pool they start on and then be assigned an individual lane upon checking into the facility.
    • Odd number lanes will start on the west deck and even number lanes will start on the east deck. 
      San Ramon Olympic Pool 50 M Lap Swim Diagram
      San Ramon Olympic Pool Lap Pool Lap Swim  Diagram
      Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center Lap Swim Diagram 

Lap Swim Program Information:

  • Lap swim is for participants who wish to swim laps for exercise or to water walk.  Recreation Swim is not allowed during the lap swim program.
  • Only one swimmer per lane.  It is recommended to swim in the middle of the lane.

  • Members of the same household may have a maximum of two people per lane.  Please list the name and age of the second household member in the comment section upon making a reservation.  Please note that all participants swimming will be charged the admission fee.  
  • Lap Swim sessions will be scheduled for a 50 minute swim time.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes before your session begins to allow time for health screening and payment.
    • Participants will be greeted by a staff member for a health screening upon entering the facility which includes a symptom and temperature check prior to entering the facility.
    • There will be a 10-minute transition period between sessions.Please leave the facility promptly after the session is over through the designated exit gate.
    • Swimmers who reserve back to back sessions will be allowed to continue to swim during the 10-minute transition period.   
  • Participants will pay at the front desk by swim pass or credit card only.
    • Payment options by cash and check are not available at this time.
    • Preferred method of payment is by lap pass as it provides a touchless process.
    • Swim Passes are available for purchase online at
  • Please make sure you arrive dressed in your swimming attire, as the locker rooms and showers will be closed in accordance with County requirements. There will be limited restrooms available.
    • There will be a designated space on the pool deck next to each lane for participants to place their belongings.It is recommended to only bring essential items into the pool area.
    • If you are leaving items in your car, please secure them responsibly.
  • Please make sure you bring all of your own lap swim equipment, including kickboards and goggles. Kickboards and other shared equipment will not be provided by the City.
  • Please wear a cloth face covering at all times while not in the water.  Participants not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the facility. 
  • Please maintain social distancing of 6 feet at all times.
    • We encourage swimmers to enter / exit in their lane whenever possible.Please ensure proper social distancing when using ladders and stairs and be respectful of other swimmers workouts.
    • We encourage swimmers to plan breaks in between laps on the same side of the pool they started from to encourage social distancing.
  • Spectators are allowed to accompany a person with a special need or a parent supervising a minor (ages 14-17) only. All persons entering the facility will be required to complete the health screening and wear a cloth face covering.

Please check back frequently if there are no spaces available at this time.  Thank you for your patience and support of the aquatics program.  We look forward to seeing you back at the pool soon. 

San Ramon Olympic Pool Hours

August 31 - November 14

Days  Times 
Monday -Friday 3:30-4:20pm


1:00 - 1:50pm

Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center Hours

 September 14 - November 14  

Days  Times 
 Monday, Wednesday, Friday  7:00-7:50am
Tuesday, Thursday 

6:00 - 6:50 am


 6:00 - 6:50 am

Daily Fee & All Swim Pass

All Swim Pass



Daily Swim



10 Visit Swim Pass



20 Visit Swim Pass



40 Visit Swim Pass



60 Visit Swim Pass



All Swim Passes will be honored for the duration of their validity period (2 years from date of purchase).  The All Swim Pass is flexible to meet your needs for recreation swim and lap swim, and offered at a great savings.  

Beginning July 1, 2020, a 2.88% plus $0.09 convenience fee will be added per total credit card transaction.