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Small Wireless Facility Deployments

The City Council adopted the Policy on Small Wireless Facilities and Other Infrastructure Deployments Within the Public Rights-Of-Way (Policy) by Resolution No. 2019-087, in response to the declaratory ruling issued by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in September 2018.  The Policy applies to all proposals for Small Wireless Facility deployments in the City and requires certain public notice and outreach procedures in order to inform the public of all Small Wireless Facility deployments.

I. Small Cell Notice Registry

If you would like to receive notices of all Small Wireless Facility applications received by the City, please register for “Small Cell Notice Registration” from the link below.  All registered members of the public will receive Application Submittal Notice by e-mail.

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II. Right-of-way Use Permit Applications

All new small wireless facilities within public rights-of-way are subject to Right-of-way Use Permit (RUP) unless a wireless telecommunication provider (Wireless Provider) has entered into a Master License Agreement (MLA) with the City for the use of City-owned streetlight standards.  A summary of RUP application activities is available from the following link:


III. Master License Agreements (MLA)

The City of San Ramon has entered into Master License Agreements for Wireless Facilities on Vertical Infrastructures in the Public Right-of-Way (MLA) with wireless telecommunication providers (Wireless Providers).  The MLA allows the Wireless Providers to collocate “Small Wireless Facilities” on existing City-owned streetlights with Site License Application approval without public notices. A list of all Site License applications associated with all MLAs is available  in Section V below.

IV. Preapproved Design Notice

This notice is given to the public in accordance with Section 12 of the Policy on Small Wireless Facilities and Other Infrastructure Deployments Within the Public Rights-Of-Way (Policy).   Community Development Director found that the proposed small wireless facilities as shown on the photo-simulations substantially comply with the design standards within the Policy and qualify as Preapproved Designs.    The proposed Small Wireless Facilities as shown in the photo-simulations will become effective 15 days from the approval date, unless appealed to the City Manager in accordance with Section 8 (d) of the Policy.


V. Site License Application

Site License Application Summary

 Application No.      

 Location  Wireless Provider Application Filing Approval Date  Decision Notice Issued
 SWSL 2021-0014  2675 Old Crow Canyon Rd. AT&T Mobility 10/08/2021 10/12/2021  10/12/2021
SWSL 2021-0015  3225 Crow Canyon Pl AT&T Mobility 10/08/2021 10/12/2021  10/12/2021