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Example – Second Story Addition to an existing two story house

In association with review of the building permit, Planning Services conducts an administrative architectural review is to ensure that all zoning requirements (e.g., maximum height, front, rear and side yard setbacks) are met and that the residential addition is architecturally compatible with the existing home. As part of this review, the planner will verify that the architectural style of any addition carries the same theme as the existing structure: Some of things taken into consideration as part of this review are;

  • Roofing materials and roof design, matching colors and finishes (e.g., stucco, siding, etc..),

  • Continuation of decorative features, windows and window mullions to match existing window design, use of window trim to match existing window design, and

  • Addition of features that will break up the massing if the addition is large

  • Siting of an addition to a structure (e.g., the location of the addition to its surroundings)

  • Relationship to the existing structure
    • the location existing rooms (e.g., bedrooms, family rooms, etc…)
    • logical relationship to the home
    • the topography of the site to minimize grading
    • avoiding artificially raising the height of the home and
    • the addition’s relationship to the existing neighbors