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Forest Home Farms Historic Park

Forest Home Farms Historic Park is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, with the exception of San Ramon Historic Foundation events when gates open at 11:00 am and require a paid entrance.  Saturdays feature free family activities from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Take a tour of the restored Victorian Glass House Museum on Saturday at 1:00 pm for a fee of $5 per person payable by credit card only. Children ages 3 and under are free. See full listing of activities below. 

Holiday on the Farm
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*Sheep Shearing Day & Oktoberfest fee required; gate opens at 11 am.

Nov 2 Weaving & Wool

Sheep grow a fluffy coat of wool every year! Learn more about this gift and the sheep it comes from.  Herding demonstrations on the hour meet a sheep up close; learn about the process of turning a sheep’s fleece into something we can use. 

Nov 9 Beautiful Kernels of Corn

Come see the rainbow of colors of Indian corn.  Learn how to shuck corn, using the hand and mechanical shucking equipment. Then make a fun craft with the corn kernels.

Nov 16                        Candle Making

These days, candles are for special occasions. But in the 1800’s candles served as the only source of light after dark! Children would make candles to help their families by collecting and melting wax from beehives. Learn the process of candle making and make your own candle to take home.

Nov 23                        Bread & Jam

Before there were grocery stores people had to make their own staples at home and preserve them through canning. Learn about the canning process, taste some of the jam varieties that Ruth Boone made, make your own butter and bread to take home and bake.

Dec 7               Holiday Wreath Making

Make your own hand-crafted wreath to decorate for the holidays. Savor the scent of fresh greenery we will gather and use from around the Farm.

Dec 14               Holiday on the Farm

Enjoy an old-fashioned holiday gathering at Forest Home Farm Historic Park. Have a traditional holiday family experience including visits with our Victorian Santa and his reindeer, old-fashioned ornament making, a puppet show, holiday entertainment and refreshments.

January 4 The Farmer’s Toolbox

In the 1800’s before most things were mass produced, families handed down precious farm tools and skills like woodworking and planting to the next generation. Try your hand at some of these farm tools like a seed planter, hand drill, plane and corn sheller. 

January 11 Old Fashioned Games

Learn about and play some old fashioned games that are still lots of fun today.  Challenge yourself to a game of ball and cup, play with a buzz saw and try your hand at Jacob’s ladder. Make an old-fashioned toy to take home too.

January 18 Victorian Music

Listen to some old time music and make your own instrument to take home.

January 25 Embroidery

Victorian’s loved to embroider. Come learn some basic embroidery stitches and see what you can create.

February 1 Groundhog’s Day

Explore Groundhog Day's shadowy history as well as interesting facts about the custom. Make a Groundhog craft to take home.

February 8 Victorian Valentine’s

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance. Learn how the Victorian’s celebrated Valentine’s Day and make your own Victorian Valentine.

February 22 Weather and Time

Different tools were used on the farm to tell time and check the weather. Learn how the Victorian’s knew the direction of the wind and kept time.

February 29 Victorian Tea Time

In 1998 Ruth Boone donated Forest Home Farm to the City of San Ramon. Come celebrate Ruth Boone by enjoying one of her favorite pastimes, having afternoon tea. Learn about the tradition of tea and see many of the antique tea cups & saucers from the collection. Sample some teas and make a fun craft.


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