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Get updates Chapter IV, Section A5-73 of the San Ramon Municipal Code assigns the  following duties to the Parks and Community Services Commission:
  • Be the principal advisor to the City Council, the Director of Parks  and Community Services, and other boards, commissions, committees and  departments of the City in all matters pertaining to parks, public recreation, arts and cultural facilities, and historical activities, senior citizen and teen activities and concerns and other municipal community and volunteer services.
  • Appoint Finance/Policy, Program, and Facility, standing sub-committees  and other sub-committees as necessary to provide preliminary review and comment of recommendations prior to full Commission.  
  • Review and recommend policies governing park, recreation and community services for the approval by the City Council. 
  • Review and comment on the budget submitted by the Director of Parks and Community Services.      Conduct public hearings and make recommendations to the Director of  Parks and Community Services and/or the City Council regarding parks, recreation, and community services. 
  • Review and comment on subdivisions and other development proposals in  which land is proposed for dedication, credit for private open space as  requested, projects on school lands or other significant park, creek, trail or open space where concerns exist. 
  • Perform such duties as may be assigned by the City Council from time to time.



Shelly Lewis
Term Expires: June 2023
Julia Oseland
Term Expires: June 2023
Scott Roberts
Term Expires: June 2023
Will Doerlich
Term Expires: June 2021
Carol Lopez-Lucey
Term Expires: June 2021
Sridhar Verose
Term Expires: June 2021
Don Birnbaum
Term Expires: June 2021
Vineela Gogineni- Student Commissioner
Term Expires: June 2020


Kathi Heimann, Parks and Community Services Director
(925) 973-2611