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Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions. To view the answer, please click on the question. If the information provided does not answer your question, please go to our Citizen's Request Management (CRM) page by clicking here and select the appropriate topic. Your request will be handled by the appropriate staff member.

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Where is the Police Department located?

The main location for the San Ramon Police Department is at 2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583.

Is the San Ramon Police Department open 24 hours a day?

Operationally, yes; however, the police department's front doors close to the public at 5:00 pm. The business office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and closed weekends and holidays.

How do I make an Anonymous Tip?

In-progress crimes should be reported to 911 immediately or Police Dispatch at (925) 973-2779.
The San Ramon Police Department uses CRM as a method for citizens of the community to provide information to the police about suspicious activity and criminal actions within their neighborhoods anonymously. Filling out your CONTACT INFORMATION (your Name, Address, City, Zip Code, E-Mail Address, Home Phone Number, Alternate Phone Number) portion of the CRM is optional.

Does the department offer fingerprinting services?

Yes, fingerprinting services are provided by appointment only Monday through Friday. Hours vary by day. For more information or to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

How do I commend an employee for good work or make a complaint?

Commendations, Constructive Criticisms, Grievances or Complaints may be made by filing out a Citizen Report form. Print out and complete form, which may be turned in at the Police Department's Front Counter during business hours or mailed directly to the Chief of Police. To speak with the on-duty watch commander, contact non-emergency dispatch at (925) 973-2779.

What is a False Alarm?

The San Ramon Police Department administers the City's False Alarm ordinance (Ord. 237 § 1, 1993), which is designed to make alarm systems more effective and to reduce the number of police responses to false alarms.

A permit is not required for installation of an alarm system.

For questions about effectively managing your alarm system, false alarm fees, or to update your commercial emergency contact information please call Clauvette Hartway at (925) 973-2792 or email

False Alarm Fee Schedule

(2) Within 90 Day Period Warning Letter
(3) Within 90 Day Period
(from date of Warning Letter)
(4) Within 90 Day Period $225
(5) Within 90 Day Period $300
More than (5) Within 90 Day Period $225 each
  • From the date of the warning letter, the location will be monitored on a revolving 90-day period until the location is in compliance. (If two or more false alarms occur on the same day they will be counted as only one violation.)
  • A location will be in compliance upon: 0 False Alarms for 3 months
Is there a juvenile curfew in the City of San Ramon?

Yes, there is a juvenile curfew in the City of San Ramon. San Ramon Ordinance B7-231 prohibits juveniles from loitering or being in public Sunday through Thursday between 10 pm and one half hour before sunrise and Saturday and Sunday between one minute after midnight and one half hour before sunrise.

The following exceptions apply:
When accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other adult person entrusted with the minor's care and custody by a parent or legal guardian; or when on an errand for a parent; or when going to or returning directly home from a bona fide meeting, dance, party, recreational activity, night classes, study, library, church or school function, or theater; or when going directly to or returning directly home from lawful employment.

Curfew is enforced throughout the year. This curfew is separate from the graduated driver license requirements set forth by DMV.

What are the City's Municipal Codes?

City Municipal Codes govern zoning/building violations, junk, debris, litter, abandoned vehicles/RV's/boats, graffiti, fire hazards, illegal signs, and garbage containers in public view. These are the most common municipal code violations handled by the City. For a complete list, please see the City of San Ramon's Municipal Code.

Do you provide car seat inspections?

The San Ramon Police Department offers fee-based car seat inspections by appointment Tuesday through Friday. We provide inspections to San Ramon residents and non-residents by appointment only. For more information, please visit our Car Seat Inspection page or call (925) 973-2700.

How do I complain about a barking dog?

The San Ramon Police Department contracts through Contra Costa County for Animal Services in Martinez, CA. Please call (925) 335-8300 to make your complaint, as they are the agency responsible for making contact with dog owners. Their hours are Tuesday through Friday 8 am - 9:00 pm. If the barking dog problem is after hours, you should call our 24-hour, non-emergency Dispatch number (925) 973-2779 and request a San Ramon Police unit be dispatched. Please visit the Animal Services page for more information.

What is the Neighborhood Watch Program?

Neighborhood Watch is a community - law enforcement partnership and crime prevention program. For more information, visit our Neighborhood Watch page or contact the Crime Prevention Specialist Darlene Kittredge (925) 973-2720.



What are the cellular phone laws?

Vehicle Code (VC) §23123
Prohibits all drivers from using a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle.

Vehicle Code (VC) §23124
Motorists 18 and over may use a hands-free device. Drivers under the age of 18 may NOT use a wireless telephone or hands-free device while operating a motor vehicle .

Vehicle Code (VC) §23123.5
Writing, sending, or reading a text-based communication while driving will be against the law for all drivers in California.

What if I need to use my telephone during an emergency and I do not have a hands-free device?

The law allows a driver to use a wireless telephone to make emergency calls to a law enforcement agency, a medical provider, the fire department, or other emergency services agency.

What are the fines if I'm convicted?

Contact Walnut Creek Traffic Court at (925) 608-1000 for further information due to fines vary and are set by the court.

Will I receive a point on my driver license if I'm convicted for a violation of the wireless telephone law?

No. The violation is a reportable offense. However, DMV will not assign a violation point.

Will the conviction appear on my driving record?

Yes, but the violation point will not be added.

Are passengers affected by this law?

No. This law only applies to the person driving a motor vehicle.

Do these laws apply to out-of-state drivers whose home states do not have such laws?


Can I be pulled over by a law enforcement officer for using my handheld wireless telephone?

Yes. A law enforcement officer can pull you over just for this infraction.

What if my phone has a push-to-talk feature, can I use that?

No. The law does provide an exception for those operating a commercial motor truck or truck tractor (excluding pickups), implements of husbandry, farm vehicle or tow truck, to use a two-way radio operated by a “push-to-talk” feature.

What other exceptions are there?

Operators of an authorized emergency vehicle during the course of employment are exempt as are those motorists operating a vehicle on private property.

Does the "hands-free" law allow drivers to text while driving?

No. This law applies to electronic wireless communications devices used to manually communicate with any person using text-based communication, including, but not limited to, communications referred to as a text message, instant message, or electronic mail. Violating this law is punishable by a base fine of $20 for a first offense and $50 for each subsequent offense. With the addition of penalty assessments, fines can be more than triple the base fine amount.

DRIVERS 18 AND OVER - Drivers 18 and over will be allowed to use a hands-free device to talk on their wireless telephone while driving. The following FAQs apply to those motorists 18 and over.

Does the “hands-free” law prohibit you from dialing a wireless telephone while driving or just talking on it?

The new law does not prohibit dialing, but drivers are strongly urged not to dial while driving.

Will it be legal to use a Bluetooth or other earpiece?

Yes, however you cannot have BOTH ears covered.

Does the new “hands-free” law allow you to use the speaker phone function of your wireless telephone while driving?



Am I allowed to use my wireless telephone hands free?

No. Drivers under the age of 18 may not use a wireless telephone, pager, laptop or any other electronic communication or mobile services device to speak or text while driving in any manner, even hands free. EXCEPTION: Permitted in emergency situations to call police, fire or medical authorities (VC §23124).

Why is the law stricter for provisional drivers?

Statistics show that teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to be involved in crashes because they lack driving experience and tend to take greater risks. Teen drivers are vulnerable to driving distractions such as talking with passengers, eating or drinking, and talking or texting on wireless phones, which increase the chance of getting involved in serious vehicle crashes.

Can my parents give me permission to allow me to use my wireless telephone while driving?

No. The only exception is an emergency situation that requires you to call a law enforcement agency, a health care provider, the fire department or other emergency agency entity.

Does the law apply to me if I'm an emancipated minor?

Yes. The restriction applies to all licensed drivers who are under the age of 18.

If I have my parent(s) or someone age 25 years or older in the car with me, may I use my wireless telephone while driving?

No. You may only use your wireless telephone in an emergency situation.

Will the restriction appear on my provisional license?


May I use the “hands-free” feature while driving if my car has the feature built in?

No. The law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from using any type of wireless device while driving, except in an emergency situation.

Can a law enforcement officer stop me for using my hands-free device while driving?

No. For drivers under the age of 18, this is considered a SECONDARY violation meaning that a law enforcement officer may cite you for using a hands-free wireless phone if you were pulled over for another violation. However, the prohibition against using a handheld wireless telephone while driving is a PRIMARY violation for which a law enforcement officer can pull you over.



How do I file a police report and report a crime?

To make a crime report contact the police dispatch center. The non-emergency dispatch telephone number is (925) 973-2779. In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

To obtain a copy of a police report, contact Records staff during business hours at (925) 973-2770 or make a request in person at the San Ramon Police Department during business hours, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays). Once a request for information is received, the Records Division has 10 days to respond to your request. Refer to our fee schedule for costs. Requests will not be mailed unless all fees have been paid in advance. Report requests are handled in the order they are received. Your request for information is normally processed within ten (10) business days.

Note: Victims of crime, their legal representative, or their insurance carrier are entitled to receive a copy of a crime report; refer Government code 6254(f). If you were involved in a crime but you are not a victim, contact our office to learn how and when these documents can be obtained.

I was a victim of a crime. How can I get follow up information regarding the incident?

During business hours, you can call Records staff at (925) 973-2770. It is helpful to have the investigating officer's name and the case number assigned to your event. This will help to determine who the appropriate contact person is. If you don't have the above information our records staff will attempt to assist you.

How do I find out if someone is booked in jail or in custody?

The San Ramon Police Department does not have a jail facility. A person arrested in the City of San Ramon is typically booked at the Martinez Detention Facility in Martinez. To inquire about the status of an inmate, their charges or bail amount, please call (925) 335-4600.

How can I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?

We do not provide warrant information over the phone. You may come in to the Police Department or contact the court of jurisdiction for information.



How can I report a chronic traffic problem?

To report a chronic traffic problem, please contact us through the Citizen Request Management (CRM) tool . If it is an intermittent in-progress problem, please call dispatch at (925) 973-2779 when the violation is occurring.

Is there a fee for having traffic citation signed off?

Ticket sign-offs, commonly referred to as "fix-it tickets," are free for City of San Ramon residents or to non-residents issued a ticket by a San Ramon Police Officer. The fee is $10 for non-residents issued a ticket by an outside agency.



I received a parking citation. Where can I send payment?

There are 2 options:

  1. Place the citation and your check or money order in the envelope provided with the citation. Write the citation number and license plate number on the check. Make the check payable to Citation Processing Center. DO NOT MAIL CASH.
  2. Pay the citation online at
How do I dispute a parking citation?

If you receive a parking ticket or parking citation, you have 21 days to either pay or dispute the citation. Unpaid citations will be referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a registration hold, or referred to a collection agency. Within 21 days, you must do the following:

If you have a valid reason for contesting the citation, you must do so in writing. No appeals will be considered by telephone. Mail your correspondence to:

c/o Citation Processing Center
PO Box 22814
Denver, CO 80222

For additional information, please call (510) 423-7275 between 7am and 2pm Monday through Friday.

How can I report a chronic parking problem?

To report a chronic parking problem, please contact us through the Citizen Request Management (CRM) tool . If it is an intermittent in-progress problem, please call dispatch at (925) 973-2779 when the violation is occurring.

I think my car was towed? Who do I contact?

If you believe your car has been towed, please contact the dispatch center at (925) 973-2779 or Records at (925) 973-2770. The dispatch center and Records has a record of vehicles towed by the police department. Additionally, the dispatch center and Records are notified by private parties about private property tows and repossessions. If no record of a tow is located it is possible the vehicles may have been stolen, if so, the dispatch center will have a police officer contact you.

How do I report and abandoned vehicle?

The California Vehicle Code requires that vehicles parked on a public street move every 72 hours. Additionally, vehicles must have an engine, transmission, wheels, tires, doors, windshield, or any other part or equipment necessary to operate safely otherwise it may be declared a safety hazard and towed immediately. The Vehicle Code also authorizes the immediate removal of a vehicle if the registration is expired more than six months.

If the vehicle is not an immediate hazard, an officer will typically issue a warning. If the vehicle has not been moved within 72 hours, it will be towed. However, due to other priority calls and scheduling issues with the local tow companies, a vehicle may not be immediately removed after the 72 hours has elapsed.

To report an abandoned vehicle, please call the police department at (925) 973-2779.

What is a city-issued parking permit?

The City of San Ramon has implemented a preferential parking permit in certain areas of the City. These areas are marked by street signs and curb markings and all vehicles parked within these areas must have a valid permit issued by the City. The days and hours vary by area and are listed on each sign. The regulations are enforced 365 days per year and permits issued by the school district and the Olympic Pool are not valid for street parking.

You must be a resident of the particular preferential permit parking area to be eligible for a parking permit. To obtain a permit, please bring your current registration and a picture ID to the police department.

To report a violation, please call dispatch at (925) 973-2779.

I have a friend visiting from out of town, that will be bringing their motor home/trailer to my home. Can I get a permit for this vehicle?

Yes, the San Ramon Police Department (973-2700) issues "Guest RV Permits". There is no charge for this service.

I have an RV/Trailer that I want to park on the street in front of my home to load supplies; is this possible?

The San Ramon Police Department (973-2700) issues RV/Trailer load/unload permits. There is no charge for this service.



What should I do if my property is lost or stolen?

If your property has been lost or stolen in the City of San Ramon you can file a police report as soon as possible with the San Ramon Police Department. If you have a record of the serial number on the item(s) or if you have applied your own number, include that in your report. Lost or stolen item(s) that are reported with the serial number stand a far better chance of being returned to their owners.

I found an item and would like to turn it in, but can I claim it later?

When you have found something in the City of San Ramon and turn it into the police department; as the finder you have the right to fill out a Found Property Declaration. The police Department will hold a found item(s) for 90 days, when the 90 days is past you as the finder may contact the Property and Evidence Division to see if the item(s) remains unclaimed. The Property and Evidence Technician will advise you of the claim procedures at the time.

Can I look at your bikes to see if mine has been recovered?

Bike viewing is done by appointment only; Tuesday thru Thursday. Please bring your lost or stolen report number with you. If you have not reported it stolen/lost you must bring proof of ownership.

How do I claim my property that was taken for Safekeeping?

Owners have 60 days to claim property that is being held for Safekeeping. If you need more time, call or write to request an extension. Unclaimed property will be destroyed or auctioned.

When can I claim my property that was taken from me and booked as evidence?

For all evidence that has been taken from a citizen who has been arrested or cited, we must receive confirmation from the District Attorney that the case has been adjudicated on all defendants. There are times when the District Attorney will not release property immediately, pending further investigation or appeals.

All property releases are done by appointment only; you can call (925) 973-2796. Bring your identification ( ID, passport, or military ID) along with your case file number.

My firearm was taken from me and I want to come get it.

Firearm(s) can be confiscated, turned in for Safekeeping/Stored or be turned in for destruction. If and when a firearm(s) has been deemed "releasable" to a citizen, that person must apply with the Department of Justice for a background check.  Please visit the DOJ website for release forms: Not all firearm(s) will be returned to a citizen. SRPD requires a $65.00 release fee for each firearm(s) released. You will need to contact the SRPD Property and Evidence Division with any questions regarding firearms.

How can I find out if my lost item may have been turned into SRPD?

Unfortunately, not all lost property has been turned into the SRPD, but please click the link below to view property that has been turned into SRPD. Found property listed on the page will be updated frequently and will remain on the page for no more than 90 days or unless the items has been returned to the owner. You can always call or e-mail the SRPD property and evidence division for more information. 

Jessica Simonds
Property and Evidence Division
(925) 973-2796