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The trail begins just west of Hidden Valley Park on Albion Road across the street from Hidden Hills Elementary School. The trail heads west on an earthen trail consisting of a mix of grass and dirt. Hikers will enjoy a nice stroll in the rolling hills with slight to moderate increases and decreases in elevation. At Ivy Hill Way, the trail will head north consisting of a wide gravel path. There are multiple locations to gain access to the trail along Ivy Hill Way. The path will then run along the edge of the neighborhood before meeting up with the Alamo Creek Trail which will lead you to the top of the ridge. Once at the top you can go north (left) and connect with the Tassajara Ridge Trail or go south (right) and see sweeping views of the Dougherty Valley. For a looped hike, continue to the water tower and follow the asphalt road back down to Ivy Hill Way where you can make your way back to the trail head on Albion Road. Parts of the trail are located in the Windemere Ranch Preserve and is a cattle grazing area. The Hidden Valley Ridge Trail is suitable for walkers, runners, and cyclists.