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Remote Water Heater Inspections

 1.  Remote Water Heater inspections may be provided if the water heater is replaced in the same location as where the old water heater was located.

2. To request a Remote Water Heater inspection, email your request to Please include your permit #, address and the phone number to your smart phone (land lines do not work with this process).

3. You will need to have a smart phone with the capability of calling, texting, microphone, camera and location services activated. Please ensure your battery is charged over 50% prior to the inspection and make sure you have a strong signal on your device to ensure a good connection.

4. Please note, Apple products require Safari web browser and Android products use Chrome web browser. 

5. On the day of your inspection, between 7:30am and 8am, please call 925-973-2580 and press 1 for the Inspectors Line so that you and your inspector may arrange a smaller window for when the inspection may occur.

6. Prior to your inspection, please be sure to print the Residential Water Heater Inspection Checklist as the inspector will walk you through the checklist and have you check off the completed items.  The items not checked off, if any, will serve as your final correction list.

7. Your inspector will call you, within the time window of the inspection, on the cell phone number you provided when choosing the virtual inspection process.

8. Your inspector will then text you a link to connect for the virtual inspection, the text will look similar to the below picture:

Blitzz Text

 9. Please click the link provided in the text and you will be asked for 3 separate permissions, please click ALLOW 3 times, once each for location, microphone and camera.  Make sure you have a decent WIFI or Cellular connection.

10. You and your inspector will then be able to speak via video chat through the website on your phone and the inspector will be able to see exactly what you see on your phone screen. 

11. The inspector will then walk you through the inspection checklist one item at a time. 

12.  You will need to print and fill out the documents below prior to the Remote Inspection: