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Trails Challenge

Congratulations to those who completed the 2020 Trails Challenge!

While this year's challenge is over with - there are still many more trails within San Ramon to get out and explore. For more trails visit


Spring and Summer offer some of the best opportunities to explore the trails of San Ramon and discover the health benefits of outdoor recreation! The San Ramon Trails Challenge is a self-guided program that encourages you to hike five featured trails anytime from April to September. Enjoy the trails solo, with your dog, with family, with friends or with co-workers. The Trails Challenge is free to participate and designed for all fitness levels.

Logo for San Ramon Trails Challenge


Please utilize the links below to download more information on the 2020 San Ramon Trails Challenge:  2020 Trails Guidebook

After completing five out of the seven featured trails, please submit your Trails Challenge Completion Log. Once submitted, your name will be added to the list of this year's list of Trails Challenge Finishers!



Bob Skok

Jessica Lamiero

Claire Kangas

Jarod Tang

Lori Mendoza

Christian Plechaty

Ellen Kumar

Siddarth Kumar

Ray Martz

Mollie Molin

Sang Nguyen

Coraline Chan

Alpesh Parmar

Erik Anderson

Marisa Galasso

Marco Esteban

Kristi LaRock

Siliva Leirmo

John Provazek

Inderdeep Sandhar

Carol Kwan

Kim Zamrzla

Jim Zamrzla

Angie Kangas

Nancy Tang

Kris Chubb

Will Plechaty

Jonathan Walsh

Dorothy Hann

Diana Lee

Sally Wakamiya

Madison Quan

Avery Chan

Leah Birkett

Karen Poole

Joshua Santos

Matthew Esteban

Caden Harper

Falconer Reyes-Cairo

Robert Garza

Jamie Sheremeta-Nason

Neil Bocalan

Gerson Bothello

JD Cleland II

CK Kangas

Ben Tang

Kate Johnson

Carina Plechaty

Elizabeth Walsh

Dawn Lewis

Michael Willing

Ishanya Bhatnagar

Rebecca Quan

Daryl Chan

Karen Dobbins

Cielo Perez

Brian Santos

Michael Esteban

Caitlin Rubia

Ashley Reyes-Cairo

Laksha Chanduram

Jason Dizon

J Chitra

Sheue Chen

PJ Trainer

Chloe Kangas

Tia Tang

Sandy Plechaty

Joe Plechaty

Kimberly Walsh

David Welch

Lorraine Kalich

Srishty Bhatnagar

Julie Fwu

Noah Chan

Peter Dobbins

Ringo Perez

Rebecca Morse

Maria Felicci

Lori Mendoza

Aspen Reyes-Cairo

Subam Basuthkar

Dana Beale



City Park & Trail Map - Interactive Map & Downloadable Mobile App

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