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All camps take place at Dougherty Station Community Center, 17011 Bolinger Canyon Road
See flyer (posted above) for camp details. 

Week 6: July 6-July 10
-AM Option: All CA has to Offer! ACT#6132
-PM Option: California Cuisine ACT#5930

Week 7: July 13-July 17
-AM Option: Journey Through Outer Space ACT#6415
-PM Option: NASA: Journey into Outer Space ACT#5901

Week 8: July 20-July 24
-AM Option: Oceans, Lakes & Rivers ACT#6416
-PM Option: Oceans, Lakes and Rivers-an Art Experience ACT#6190

Week 9: July 27-July 31
-AM Option: Travel and Explore the Globe ACT#6417
-PM Option: Worldwide Pizza Mania ACT#5929

Week 10: August 3-August 7
-AM Option: Discover the Wonder of Plants and Animals ACT#6418
-PM Option: The Science of Plants and Animals ACT#6628