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We are now accepting plans electronically!

Submittal Shall be ONE zipped file with all submittal document in PDF Form.


Instructions for Electronic Plan Submittal

  • For New Submittals, a Commercial Permit Application (below) is required.  Complete the application for Plan Review (save a copy of the PDF form to your computer so when you fill it out it will save the data). 
  • For Re-Submittals, complete the Re-Submittal Request Form (below) and follow the same steps as the initial submittal process. 
  • Compress the application or re-submittal request form, plans, calculations, energy design and any other supporting documents you need to submit as a single zip file. Label all files and the zip file with the project address and tenant name, then upload using the widget below. This will ensure your submittal packet will stay together (See Help Example)
  • Plan check fees must be received upon project submittal.  Payments may be submitted directly to the permit center at 2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA. 94583, or customers may authorize fees to be charged to their credit cards by submitting a credit card authorization form (see below) with their project submittal.  Receipts will be issued for all payments received. 

Plan Submittal