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Promenade at the Preserve, Neighborhood V
Posted on 02/05/2019
Promenade at the Preserve Site Plan


In September 2018, Claremont Homes, the Applicant for the Promenade at the Preserve development (Neighborhood V) submitted applications for the development of 40 single-family units, 122 multi-family condominium units, and a 2-acre house of worship site on a 12.8 acre property within The Preserve (formerly Faria Preserve) project area.  Neighborhood V is located along Faria Preserve Parkway, with the entrance into the subdivision at the intersection of Faria Preserve Parkway and the future Faria Preserve park.  The Preserve development project was approved in 2014 with 740 residential units within five neighborhoods, however, no Development Plan was approved for Neighborhood V; in 2017, through the approval of the Faria Initiative, The Preserve was amended with up to 618 residential units with a maximum of up to 180 residential units within Neighborhood V.

The applications are currently still being reviewed for completeness.  The City’s Architectural Review Board reviewed the proposal in January 2019 and provided comments and recommendations related to the proposed architecture, site design, and landscaping.  The Board ultimately supported the project design with modifications, and recommended final design approval to the Planning Commission.  The Applicant is currently working on updating plans and their project description, and will begin environmental analysis ahead of Planning Commission review.  Planning Commission review of the proposed project is expected to begin within the next few months.

Promenade Street Scene