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MCI/Verizon Fiber Installation Project
Posted on 02/04/2019
MCI/Verizon Project Map

MCI/Verizon Fiber Installation Project 

In October 2018, staff issued an Encroachment Permit to MCI/Verizon’s contractor, Golden State Utility Company (GSUC), for the installation of approximately 12,000 feet of underground fiber within the public right-of-way on the north side of Crow Canyon Road. This project will provide fiber services to new and existing customers as well as upgrade services for digital telephone and high-speed data.

The scope of the project consists of potholing existing utilities, digging bore pits, directional drilling, and placing conduits for fiber installation. The work starts at the Town of Danville City limit just north of Reedland Circle, continues west, and ends at the northwest corner of Crow Canyon Road and El Capitan Drive. There is a crew of approximately 20 people working on different aspects of the project.

The majority of the conduit work is complete with two crossings remaining - one crossing at Shoreline Drive and the other at Dougherty Road. Eight manholes remain to be installed. Once the conduit and the manholes are installed, there will be a week of pulling in the fiber optic cable. The last order of work is final roadway restoration including restriping, anticipated to be complete by March, weather permitting.

Drive safely through the work zones and be prepared for lane closures!