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Crow Canyon Specific Plan Update (CCSPU) Workshop Summary
Posted on 12/17/2018
Crow Canyon Specific Plan Area

Crow Canyon Specific Plan Update

On December 4th, the Planning Commission held a CCSPU Workshop to review three draft Plan Alternatives developed based on input received at the prior October 2nd Planning Commission Workshop.  The December 4th workshop was conducted as a charrette-style activity with the Planning Commission and approximately 15 community members.  After an opening presentation to introduce the Alternatives, participants worked in small groups to complete a map-based activity and evaluated the three Alternatives for land use vision, connectivity, and urban design.  Each Alternative illustrated various ideas and concepts that might be incorporated into the final land use Plan and provoke thought and discussion.  Each Alternative presents a distinct vision, ideas and concepts for the CCSP Area in order to highlight opportunities and trade-offs and inform the continued discussion.  Based on the information provided and ongoing policy discussions it is likely that the Preferred Alternative be a hybrid of the alternatives presented.  The input from workshop participants will be synthesized into a Draft Preferred Alternative which will be presented for review by the Planning Commission and the City Council in early 2019. The balance of the CCSPU will then be refined around the Preferred Alternative.


The CCSPU is expected to be an 18-month process involving outreach to the community, property owners, and advisory bodies with active involvement of the Planning Commission and City Council.  A public review draft of the CCSP is expected to be released in Spring 2019, and adoption of the CCSPU anticipated in Fall 2019.


Additional information and the Crow Canyon Specific Plan Update status can be found on the City Website at: