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San Ramon Wants to Keep You Informed!
Posted on 09/27/2018
Keep you informed

San Ramon Wants to Keep You Informed!

The City of San Ramon is committed to keeping residents informed with not only important community information, but also on the myriad activities, events, and services that are available.  However, we recognize that not everyone receives information the same way – we are all unique.  In San Ramon, we provide a host of options to keep you up-to-date and even ways to delve into the inside workings of your City. 

The hub of information for the City is our newly designed mobile-friendly website.  From our home page you will find a current news link, a hot topics page with resources on critical local issues, and a calendar with community events and public meetings.  There are webpages on individual departments, services, or just general information you may need.

On the website, use the “eSanRamon” link to subscribe to email updates on any number of topics including: meeting notices, project updates, classes, and newsletter publications.  You can use “eSanRamon” to sign up to be notified when the City Manager Newsletter is published.

The City is also active on social media including Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can find links to each of these apps on our website.  You can also link to the San Ramon Police Department for public safety-related information.

For those wanting a deeper understanding of local government, apply to participate in one of our municipal classes.  San Ramon Government 101 provides an overview of how each City Department operates. The Citizen’s Police Academy provides a more in-depth look at law enforcement in San Ramon. Our newest offering, the Citizen’s Planning Academy, gives an inside look into the thoughtful planning that goes on behind the scene of our growing community.

With all of these tools at your disposal, our goal as a City is to make sure that each of our community members stays informed on the latest and most interesting information in San Ramon.