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Central Park Sports Fields
Posted on 09/25/2018
Central Park


All of the sports fields in Central Park have been closed until further notice as a precaution.  The City became aware that compost which was spread on the fields was contaminated with small pieces of broken glass. One of the environmentally friendly methods used by the City of San Ramon to maintain sports fields is to spread organic compost, made from yard trimmings and food scraps, provided by Waste Management of Alameda County, on the playing surfaces.                                  

On September 18, 2018, the City discovered that the most recent load of compost, was compromised with small glass particles. Staff became aware of the problem and immediately closed the fields.  Staff is working to remove the glass using both mechanical vacuum sweepers and manual methods.  The pieces of glass are generally under one inch in size and coarsely crushed. They are broadly distributed throughout all sports fields in Central Park.  All field user groups and the School District were notified of the closure and the fields were posted. Parks and Community Services is working to identify alternative fields for the affected field user groups. 

Waste Management is investigating how the contamination occurred. An action plan is being developed to address the problem. The City has been using compost provided by Waste Management for sports fields and landscaping projects since 2007 and has never encountered a contamination problem like this before.