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Comcast XNET Project
Posted on 09/25/2020
Citywide Map

Citywide Comcast XNET Project

Staff continues to receive Encroachment Permit applications from Comcast for their Citywide XNET Project. This Project focuses on delivering upgraded, high-speed service to residents in San Ramon. Based on Comcast’s schedule, they are continuing to prioritize their upgrades in areas where demand is highest and with the most bandwidth congestion. This work is not related to 5G small cell site implementation that Verizon/MCI and AT&T are currently in the initial planning phase of the permitting process only; no small cell sites have been installed.

To date, Comcast has submitted over 125 Encroachment Permits for the XNET Project throughout the City. In order to process these applications efficiently, Comcast identifies which nodes serve each area of the City and then prioritizes them so that City staff can work on highest priority areas first. Staff also coordinates with Comcast so that areas of the 2020 and 2021 Pavement Management Projects (PMP) are scheduled appropriately to avoid any conflicts. The exhibit below shows the proposed schedule of work and the approximate percentage of work completed in each node (area) of the City. Comcast has started minor, non-invasive work ahead of the scheduled upgrade work in these areas as well.

The scope of work for each Encroachment Permit for XNET varies and includes: exploratory work and accessing the vaults to assess conduit conditions; potholing to assess locations of existing utilities; boring in the street to install new conduit and fiber; installing new nodes; and removing and replacing pedestals and vaults.

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