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Deer Creek Apartments
Posted on 05/28/2020
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Deer Creek Apartments

The Deer Creek South Apartments is the second phase of the Deer Creek Apartments development by Shapell Industries (Shapell) and will provide 188 senior, multi-family, and affordable apartment units. This second phase of development is in addition to the existing 261 apartment units that Shapell has already completed for this phased development.

On-site, private improvements are being constructed and managed by ZCON Builders (ZCON) under permits issued by Contra Costa County (County). Since Shapell is providing affordable housing for this project, the County has continued inspecting on-site construction as affordable housing projects were excluded from the County Health Department’s Shelter-In-Place Orders issued on March 16 and March 31, 2020. However, the new County Health Order, effective May 4, 2020, will allow all construction projects to result, provided they comply with the Construction Project Safety Protocols issued as part of this Order. Staff will be working closely with Shapell and all other permittees to inform and ensure compliance to this new requirement.

The City has approved all the plans affecting the City right-of-way for this project, which includes the civil and traffic signal, landscape, and joint trench improvements.

Construction activities associated with this permit will take place on Bollinger Canyon Road between the Dougherty Station Community Center and the Old Dougherty Road Trail, and includes: demolition and removal of trees and landscape fronting the project to construct multiple turn lanes into the future Village Center; installation of utilities including storm drain, sewer, water, and communications; streetlight relocation; installation of a new traffic signal; and new landscape.

Staff has reviewed and approved the contractor’s Traffic Control Plan that will require a continuous lane closure  that will be in place until approximately July 15th. ZCON installed a lighted, changeable message board sign that will inform vehicles of the upcoming work and the potential for delays during construction.

Shapell anticipates that the on-site work for the Deer Creek South Apartments development will be completed by early 2022.