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Underground Fiber Project
Posted on 01/29/2020
Water Main Repairs

Underground Fiber Project

On Wednesday, January 8th, the bore contractor working for Golden State Utility Company on the MCI/Verizon Citywide fiber project hit a DSRSD 8-inch water main at the southwest corner of East Branch Parkway and Arlington Way. Due to the water line break, one of the eastbound through lanes, including the bike lane, is closed on East Branch Parkway. Additionally, Arlington Way from East Branch Parkway to Montrose Way will be closed during construction operations. Outside construction hours, egress to East Branch Parkway from the subdivision/park will be allowed.                                          

Repairs of the 8-inch water line began the following day on January 9th by DSRSD’s on-call contractor McGuire and Hester. Repairs were extensive due to the water line depth being over 12 feet. McGuire and Hester recently completed all the necessary water line repairs. The roadway restoration work may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on the condition of the roadway subgrade and the extent of the impact from the water damage. Both the water line and roadway restoration work may require weekend work as necessary, also factoring in weather conditions, to complete the repairs as soon as possible and restore full operations of the roadways affected. 

It will be necessary to continue to keep portions of the roadways closed for the duration of the roadway restoration. Anticipated completion of the roadway restoration and re-opening the portions of roadways for full access is February 14th, weather permitting. The City has stopped all work on the Citywide fiber project to ensure that an improved Work Safety Plan is implemented.