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Marketplace: Proposed Development
Posted on 05/09/2022

Marketplace: Proposed Development

On April 28, 2022, the Applicant/Property Owner (Marketplace at San Ramon, LLC) submitted a Development Plan (DP 2022-0007), Major Subdivision (MJ 2022-0005), and Architectural Review (AR 2022-0032) applications for a horizontal mixed use development proposal located at the San Ramon Marketplace Center (130 Market Place).

Site Plan DP 2022-0007

Site Plan (DP 2022-0007)

The proposed Development Plan application (and associated project applications) are based upon the previously accepted Preliminary Housing Development (PHD 2022-0001) application, in accordance with the SB 330 Housing Crisis Act to, among other State law requirements, allow the Applicant to maintain the zoning, design, subdivision, and fee requirements in effect at that time for 180 days. The proposed Development Plan application (and associated project applications) were submitted on April 28, 2022, prior to the expiration of the 180 day period.

The proposed mixed use development project includes the following (see the Applicant’s DP 2022-0007 Written Project Description for more detail):

  • Demolish approx. 55,636 sq. ft. of existing commercial tenant space (former Nob Hill Foods, Sports Clips, former cleaners, pharmacy);
  • Construct 40 single-family detached condominium units (5 Floor Plans: 2,183 sq. ft. to 2,309 sq. ft.), each with a 2-car garage;
  • Construct 4 Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (1 Floor Plan: 298 sq. ft.);
  • Renovate an existing 1,869 sq. ft. building for an existing Eating & Drinking Establishment (Starbucks);
  • 6 Proposed Residential Guest Parking Spaces;
  • 34 Existing Parking Spaces for Commercial Uses; and
  • Subdivide the project area into 18 new parcels with a Vesting Tentative Map for Condominium Purposes.

View the Applicant’s DP 2022-0007 Written Project Description
View the Applicant’s DP 2022-0007 Project Plans

SB 330 Housing Crisis Act

The proposed Development Plan application for the mixed use development project is subject to State law (SB 330, the Housing Crisis Act) which applies to all cities and counties in California and aims to boost home-building in the State through expediting the approval process for housing development on sites where the General Plan and Zoning have already contemplated housing.

SB 330 limits the scope of local review to a maximum five (5) public meetings/hearings and streamlines the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and environmental review process.

SB 330 also eliminates subjective judgement as part of the review process and ties approval to uniformly verifiable standards. As such, a project either meets a standard established by code or it does not, there is no discretion to require changes to a project based on opinion, personal preference, or community desire.

Next Steps

Planning Services will respond to the Applicant for the application completeness review process. Once the applications have been “deemed complete” to begin formal review, a public review process by the Planning Commission, subject to State law (SB 330) limitations, will begin.

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