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Public Meetings

Due to COVID-19, the City of San Ramon's public meetings are now being held online. By using digital tools to host and stream regular meetings of the City Council, Planning Commission, Parks Commission, and various committees, residents can watch and take part in these meetings from home, in real time.

Recordings of all live-streamed meetings are available to view on the City of San Ramon's YouTube channel immediately after the broadcast ends.

How to Participate in a Virtual Public Meeting

1. View or Download the Meeting Agenda in advance.

Agendas are posted 72 hours before each meeting begins (24 hours before Special Meetings). Click here to view upcoming Meetings and Agendas.

To be notified when new agendas are available, sign up for Official Meetings & Notices email alerts from the City of San Ramon.

Opportunities for the public to address the City Council, Planning Commission or Parks Commission are provided under the sections of the agenda labeled Public Comment, Consent Calendar, and Public Hearing.

Click here to learn more about what happens at a City Council Meeting


2. Types of Public Comment

  • The Public Comment section of the agenda provides the public with an opportunity to address the Council or Commission on any item that is within the jurisdiction of the Council or Commission, and which does not appear on the agenda.

    Under State law, the Council / Commission may not respond or take action on an item presented during Public Comment.

  • Consent Calendar items are typically routine in nature and are considered for approval by the City Council or Commission with a  single action.

    If a member of the City Council or audience would like an item removed from the Consent Calendar for purposes of discussion, they may request removal at the time the Mayor or Chair asks if there is anyone interested in removing items, or by emailing the City Clerk prior to the meeting.

  • Public Hearings are held on matters required by law, or items of significance for which public input is desired.

    The Mayor or Chair begins a Public Hearing by asking for presentations from staff and from the proponent or applicant involved in the matter under discussion.

    Following questions from the City Council or Commission, the Mayor or Chair will open the hearing for input from the public. Following the close of the Hearing, the City Council or Commission takes action on the subject of the Hearing.

3. Submit a Written Comment, or Prepare a Comment to Share Live (up to 3 min)

If you would like to submit a written comment to the Council or Commission on a specific agenda item, email it  at least 1 hour before the beginning of the meeting to:

City Council Meetings: [email protected]
Planning Commission Meetings:  [email protected] or [email protected]
Parks Commission Meetings: [email protected]

Communications received after distribution of the agenda packet will be made available to the Council at the meeting.

If you wish to address the Council or Commission during the virtual meeting, please use the “Raise your Hand” option in Zoom, or by dialing *9 on your telephone. The Mayor or Chair will call upon you to address the Council or Commission.


3. Download Zoom

In order to participate in public meetings, members of the public will need to download Zoom in advance of the meeting.


4. Join the Live Meeting at the Scheduled Time

  • If you have submitted a written comment and do not wish to speak during the meeting, you can watch the live stream of the meeting on the City of San Ramon's YouTube channel at the scheduled time. (You may need to refresh the page if the live feed does not appear right away.)

    Your comment will be read aloud by the City Clerk or Recording Secretary during the meeting.

    If you are unable to watch live, the recording will also be available at the same link immediately following the meeting.

  • If you would like to speak during the times designated for Public Comment, you will need to join the live meeting via Zoom (instructions for joining each meeting, including the meeting link, are provided in the agenda packet).

    When there is an opportunity for Public Comment, the Mayor/Chair of the meeting will announce what topics may be addressed.

    If you wish to speak, click on the "Raise Your Hand" option in Zoom. The City Clerk or Recording Secretary will call on each speaker, and you will have 3 minutes to share your comment.

    Click here to view instructions for Public Comment at Council Meetings.


Email the City Clerk at [email protected]