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Culture in the Community Community Booth Applications are due by August 21, 2020.
 *Please note, if multiples of the same country are requested, potential booth hosts will be connected to each other to share duties.

Culture in the Community Booth Application 2020

Name of Country: 

Main Contact: 


City:  State:   ZIP: 


Primary Phone: 

Day of Event Contact Person:  Cell Phone: 

Booth Requirements

For the full benefit of participants and booth hosts, it is recommended that each booth have at least 2 volunteers at all times and incorporate fun facts, trivia, an activity, game, or some other elements to engage participants in learning about the country.

Each country will be provided with one, 6-foot table and two chairs. Additional booth needs must be supplied by booth hosts. Access to power outlets is limited and based on a first come, first serve basis.

Please indicate ways that you may engage participants. 

Top 10 Facts Sheet
Famous Foods
Famous "Firsts"
Notable People
Significant Contributions/Inventions
Traditional Game: 
Indicate how much additional space may be needed: ft
Access to Power

Security Measure