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PG&E In-line Inspection Station on Dougherty Rd & Staging Site on Alcosta Blvd
Posted on 07/14/2023

Dougherty Road In-Line Inspection Station

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has constructed an In‐Line Inspection (ILI) Station within the Dougherty Road right‐of‐way south of Old Ranch Road (see vicinity map below).

ILI Site Map

The ILI station will allow PG&E to inspect the natural gas pipeline located within Dougherty Road, and allows for inspection every 5–7 years, in compliance with Federal regulations and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requirements.

Prior to selecting this site, PG&E considered an alternate site at Camp Parks, located north of this area at the intersection of Dougherty Road and Old Ranch Road. After negotiations with the U.S. Army over 2–3 years did not yield any results, PG&E decided to move forward with this location in order to meet their regulatory schedule.

Because the proposed site is public right‐of‐way dedicated to the City for public purposes, and because PG&E is a franchise utility, the work is being done under an Encroachment Permit.

Existing landscape and vegetation were removed in order to accommodate the site. Driveway approaches will also be installed off Stoney Creek Drive to allow access to the site.

View Visual Simulation

View Visual Simulation – Additional Views

Due to the proximity of the project to residents, City staff requested that PG&E go through a courtesy Architectural Review in order to address aesthetics and landscape standards. Design of the landscape, walls, and fences was reviewed by the Architectural Review Board on June 10, 2021.

View Meeting Agenda & Staff Report

View Recording of Meeting Item (item begins at 9:57)

View Architectural Review Board Comments

PG&E conducted outreach to the public on the proposed project in 2020. Visual simulations of the project were provided to the Bent Creek Parc HOA.

Construction Update: May 5, 2023

Due to heavy winter rain events, construction of the In-Line Inspection (ILI) Station located on Dougherty Road adjacent to Stoney Creek Drive was delayed. However, construction has resumed now that the site has adequately dried out. PG&E’s contractor has poured the footings and will continue to construct the concrete masonry screening walls over the next 2–3 weeks. Following the wall construction, landscape will be installed per the plans and in coordination with San Ramon Public Services staff.

Construction Update: June 13, 2023

Construction of the ILI Station continues, with most site furnishings and equipment installed and ready for the gas line testing, once the ECD site on Alcosta Blvd is complete. Site fencing and concrete masonry wall have been installed, with a decorative face on the wall to follow.  Landscaping will begin after all other work is completed.

Alcosta Boulevard Staging Site

PG&E’s ILI Station is being constructed in order to test the integrity of the gas line and identify any damage to the pipe. This is accomplished by launching a testing tool (or pig) though the line.

PG&E notified the City that the flow within the gas line is not adequate to launch the pig and conduct the inspections. Therefore, PG&E will need to increase the gas flow in the line during testing.

In order to accommodate the additional flow, PG&E has set up Enclosed Combustion Devices (ECDs) shown below, which will burn off and consume the additional gas in the system.

PG&E Staging Site

PG&E selected their property on Alcosta Boulevard as the only feasible staging area to set up the necessary five (5) ECD trailers (see below).

Site Map

Testing of the gas lines is mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to occur every 5–7 years. The ECDs will only be present during testing and will be removed when not in use.

In order to operate the ECDs on this site, PG&E needed to grade the hillside area to provide flat pads for the trailers to stage. In late May, City staff issued the Grading Permit, which allows PG&E to grade the hillside area to create five (5) flat pads for the Enclosed Combustion Device (ECD) trailers to stage.

Grading was completed the week of June 5. The pad areas were completed the week of June 12. On June 23, two of the five ECD units (pictured above) were transported to the site. The remainder arrived by July 6.

Testing began on Wednesday, July 12. The overall testing operation duration is expected to be approximately one month.

Staff have issued a Temporary Use Permit for the PG&E ECD staging area located on Alcosta Boulevard. The Temporary Use Permit allows PG&E to operate the ECDs (in conjunction with the ILI testing station on Dougherty Road) through September 2, during the weekdays, typically 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Once the testing is complete, PG&E will decommission the operation, which will include removal of the ECDs, site restoration, fence repair, long-term erosion control, and construction of a permanent driveway entrance, prior to October 1, 2023.

Public Outreach:

Prior to issuance of the grading permit, temporary use permit, and any work at the ECD staging site, the City of San Ramon required PG&E to hold a public outreach meeting with residents in the area. PG&E held a similar meeting with residents in the vicinity of the ILI station before construction began at that site, in order to address any issues or concerns.

PG&E sent notices to residents in the vicinity of the site for a virtual meeting on Thursday, May 11 at 6 p.m.

City staff attended the meeting to observe, and there were no questions posed by the attendees.

Staff also held a pre-construction meeting with PG&E on Wednesday, May 24 to discuss the project.

City staff will continue to coordinate with PG&E during the grading and testing process.

Contact Rod Wui, Senior Civil Engineer at 925.973.2669 or