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Bird Electric Micromobilty Pilot – San Ramon – Paused - Re-Launch in May 2023

Electric micromobility refers to a wide range of small personal transportation devices using an electric motor propulsion system such as  onewheels, e-skateboards, e-scooters, or e-bikes. The City of San Ramon will be introducing a Shared Micromobility Pilot Program using devices provided by Bird Rides, Inc. (Bird).  Bird offers a small fleet of 150 electric assist e-bikes and e-scooters with a top speed of 15 miles per hour for use for a fee within the borders of San Ramon. The Pilot Program will run for 12 months starting in December 2022. The Program will start by providing 75 vehicles distributed throughout San Ramon from deployment locations called “nests.” Users must be 18 years of age or older to sign up and ride.

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Recommended: Users pay $0.39 per minute to ride the Bird e-bikes and e-scooters for the first three months with the 511 Contra Costa sign-up promotion. All users who sign up for the Bird Micromobility Pilot Program in San Ramon are automatically enrolled in this discounted program. Pay only per-minute fees. There are no unlock fees until the 4th month when you can decide what membership you want to use. Learn more at

Bird’s standard pricing for users not using the 511 Contra Costa promotion in San Ramon will be $1 to unlock, plus a per-minute fee of $0.25 - $0.39. All pricing is clearly communicated to riders prior to the start of service via the Bird app, or via SMS for riders using our text message option.

Other Membership Prices:

Daily Pass: $19.99 for unlimited rides – all inclusive

Weekly Pass: $1.99 for free unlocks + $0.39 per minute

Monthly Pass: $5.99 for free unlocks + $0.39 per minute

How do I Sign Up?

Download the Bird Rides App


Installed Bird Micro-Mobility Nest Locations (

Bird Nest Locations & Special Zones

This map shows all of the existing and marked Bird e-scooter/e-bike nests in San Ramon. To use this map, use the (+) feature to zoom in for more detail. To display street names, click on the Basemap Icon in the upper right hand corner and select "Streets".  If you have any questions or suggestions for additional information you would like to see included in this Bird Nest Map, please send an email to  [email protected] Download Printable Map:

Map (90 MB)    Map Information

Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions -

  • Is a helmet required?  Helmets are always recommended! Bird will send you a free one. Just pay for shipping, view the Bird App for details.

  • Where can I ride? Stay off the sidewalk. Ride in the street, in the same direction as traffic. If there is a bike lane, use it. Follow California law.
  • Become a safe e-rider in a matter of minutes. View the three safe riding videos at Bird Riding School. Click HERE to watch.

    Safety School - Bird · Enjoy the ride

  • Do all the same laws apply to e-scooters as bikes and e-bikes? All except One, e-scooter riders must dismount and walk for left hand turns (CVC §21228). E-scooters must use a box turn method for turning left across traffic and walk in crosswalks. (Bikes do not need to do this. Bicyclists can signal like a vehicle and use the same left turn motion as a car using a turn pocket if available.)

  • Can I go on The Iron Horse Trail? Bird e-bikes are allowed on the Iron Horse Trail, e-scooters are not allowed on the Iron Horse Trail.

  • Where Can I Park? Park e-scooters upright and out of the way of people walking. Don’t block sidewalks, doorways, driveways, or transit stops. Park in a “nest” for discounts. See nest map above or follow directions on the app.

  • How long can I hold an e-scooter/e-bike while parked & shopping? 15 Minutes.

  • How long can I ride? No limit. Purchase a Day Pass for $19.99.

  • Please remember to yield to pedestrians along sidewalks and crosswalks.  Follow  the California law. 

  • Do I need a license? You must have a driver’s license or instruction permit to operate an e-scooter. Follow California law.

  • How many people can ride? Only one person at a time may ride an e-scooter.


How Do I Report Issues?

  • Call Bird 1-866-205-2442 The phone number is also printed on the e-scooter or e-bike

  • Email Bird: [email protected] (yes its .co not .com)

  • Enter a CRM with the City of San Ramon – Select Transportation - Bird eBike and eScooter Program – Provide details

  • Use the “Community Mode” in your Bird app to report bad behavior, a vehicle that needs to be collected, or any other concerns.  Lean how at Community Mode - Bird - YouTube