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Trail Improvements
Posted on 03/03/2020
Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail Map

Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail

Toll Brothers (Toll) is working on improvements for the Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail. This trail extends from Bollinger Canyon Road south to Rancho San Ramon Park. This approximately 2.5-mile earthen trail lies along the ridgeline west of Dougherty Road. The trail is currently owned by Toll and is being developed as part of the Gale Ranch Phase 4 development.

Toll has installed benches and completed other final trail improvements. Staff will be meeting with Toll and the County in the next few weeks to conduct a final punch list walk. When all punch list items have been completed, the County will request acceptance of the trail improvements through their Board of Supervisors. The City will follow with acceptance through the City Council per the Dougherty Valley MOU. This process will likely take a few months for final acceptance.