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Employer Commuter Incentives
Posted on 01/29/2020
Commuter Incentives

Employer Commuter Incentives

The fall Commuter Transportation Employer Outreach campaign included a direct mail to the San Ramon business community reminding businesses of the City’s Commuter Incentive Programs. Over 300 letters were sent to San Ramon businesses (excluding Bishop Ranch). The letter encourages businesses to promote the City’s Commuter Incentive Programs thereby helping to reduce traffic congestion. 

Accompanying the letter, each employer received the 511 Contra Costa Travel Greener Brochure, which highlights the multiple commuter programs and incentives, including: 

  1. Employer-Based Trip Reduction Program:
  • Complimentary commute planning, onsite events, information sessions, and incentives for employees. Provides “free” bike racks and/or bike lockers to encourage employees to bike to work.
  1. Countywide Commute Incentive “Drive Less” Program:
    • Provides $25 for carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, biking, or walking to work.
  2. Countywide Vanpool Incentive Programs:
    • New Passengers receive half off vanpool costs for the first three months.
    • New drivers are eligible for $200 toward their lease payment for the first year.
    • New drivers are also eligible for a $1,000 bonus after one year on the road.
  3. Guaranteed Ride Home Program:
Provides commuters with reimbursement for an emergency ride home when commuting to work using a commute alternative.