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2023 San Ramon Art & Wind Festival Nonprofit Food & Beverage  Application 
Sunday, May 28 and Monday, May 29, 11am – 6pm

San Ramon Art & Wind Festival

Nonprofit Food/Beverage Vendor Selection Policies & Procedures 

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to specify the procedures for the selection of non-profit organizations desiring to operate a food or beverage booth or mobile cart at the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival.  Food and Beverage sales at the festival are operated exclusively by non-profit organizations as a mechanism for fundraising. Duplication of items for sale or over-saturation of offerings could result in less profit for the participating organizations.

Who Can Operate a Food/Beverage Booth: Non-profit organizations with current Federal non-profit status.  The City will determine which vendors will be allowed to operate a booth at the festival based on space availability and the criteria listed below.

  1. Organizations may return the following year if there were no outstanding violations of the operating policies as outlined during the application process, they sell the same items as the previous year and they retain their federal non-profit status.  If a returning vendor wishes to change their food or beverage offerings, it will be treated as a new application and subject to review based on food/beverage variety.  If an organization takes a hiatus, they must return as a new organization.
  2. New applications will be reviewed and considered for acceptance based upon space availability and food/beverage variety.
  3. Organizations are allowed to operate only one booth or approved number of carts.
  4. Organizations may sell only one major food type (i.e. Greek or Chinese food) or food items which are complimentary (i.e. hamburger and cheese burger) along with one appropriate accompanying side dish (i.e. French Fries or chips)  and water/soft drinks. The City reserves the right to approve or deny any food or beverage item.
  5. Organizations approved to sell alcoholic beverages may sell only beer and wine or one cocktail type beverage along with water and soft drinks. Vendors may not sell more than a total of six varieties/brands of beer and/or wine. Organizations selling alcoholic beverages must obtain a permit from the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.
  6. All organizations must submit with the application form, a complete list of proposed food and beverage items, including Brand Names, i.e. Pepsi. Once the application is accepted, changes may not be made without approval.
  7. Existing organizations will be given first opportunity for a released food or beverage item.  If an organization releases their  food or beverage item, it will be offered to current organizations as follows:
    1. First Priority organizations;
    2. Existing Second Priority organizations;
    3. Second Priority organizations;
    4. Third Priority organizations

      A lottery system will be used in the event more than one organization wishes to sell the newly released food or beverage item.

  8. New applications that partner with a San Ramon business will be given additional consideration.
  9. Any ongoing participating nonprofit organization accepted prior to 2011 has been allowed exceptions to this policy.

First Priority:  Is given to Nonprofit organizations that directly support the City of San Ramon Parks & Community Services Department programs, events or facilities; they are:

  1. San Ramon Arts Foundation
  2. San Ramon Historic Foundation
  3. San Ramon Library Foundation
  4. San Ramon Senior Foundation

Second Priority: Nonprofit organizations that have at least 51% membership residing in San Ramon or non-profit organizations that provide funds and services in support of the San Ramon community.

Third Priority: Other Nonprofit organizations outside the City of San Ramon that do not directly support the San Ramon community.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2023

All applications are subject to review. Submission of an application does not guarantee participation.  All applicants MUST be able to operate their booth within the standards outlined by County Health and the Fire Protection District.

Required certificate of insurance MUST accompany application which names The City of San Ramon as "Additionally Insured".

2023 Art & Wind Festival Food and Beverage Vendor Application

Organization/Business Name:

Primary Contact:  

* Federal Non-Profit ID (Required for Food/Beverage and Non-Profit Vendors):


City:   State:   Zip:

Business Telephone:   Cell Phone:



Additional Contact:   Phone 

Food/Beverage Vendor (see eligibility rules)     

Fee per 10'x10' event booth included (double for 10'x20' booth)   Alcoholic Beverage $600; Food/Beverage Booth $495; Mobile Cart $175

Menu - Include variety and brand name, i.e. Diet Pepsi)

Menu Item:   Price:

Menu Item:   Price:

Menu Item:   Price:

Menu Item:   Price:

Menu Item:   Price:

Menu Item:   Price:

Number of 10' x 10' booths   Number of 10' x 20' booths  

Number of Mobile Carts     Number of Ice Bags 

Name of supporting restaurant (if applicable):


Application fee and certificate of insurance are due along with this completed form

Make check payable to: City of San Ramon
Return check, application and certificate of insurance to: San Ramon Art & Wind Festival, 9300 Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon, CA 94582.

To pay by credit card contact Kathy Schiller at [email protected] for instructions. Payment IN FULL, is due at the time of application. No installment payments. For vendor or festival application information, please call (925) 973-3277.

Accepted food/beverage vendors MUST attend a vendor information meeting in April.

Allow two weeks for application review and notification of acceptance. Once the application has been accepted, fees are non-refundable

I, the undersigned, in consideration of participation in the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival, agree to defend, indemnify, release and hold harmless the City of San Ramon and its employees from any and all liability for damages, both actual compensatory and consequential, including but not limited to damages for personal injury, including death, as well as for damages to property, which may arise out of participating in this event. I have read the attached eligibility rules and regulations and I agree to comply with the conditions set forth.

I am paying by check:         I wish to pay with a credit card:

Organization Name:

Signature:   Date:

Security Measure