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July 2018 - Volume 1

The summer season brings out the best in San Ramon. Our dedicated staff in the Parks Department  run our award winning Camp Central program where over 3500 kids come and embrace everything summer has to offer.  From sports activities, to slime art projects, to chess matches in the park, you will find kids hard at play all summer long in San Ramon.  In addition, when our kids are not olympic poolin camp here, you can find them with their families at one of our two Olympic pools.  The pool at Dougherty Valley High is open five days a week with new evening hours to accommodate working parents and the pool at Cal High is open seven days a week with a giant slide and “Splash and Dash” water feature to keep everyone entertained.

Recreation is not the only program in full swing during this summer.  We are also hard at work repairing our local streets and roads.  The warm weather and long days make for an ideal environment to restore and rehabilitate the City’s infrastructure.  During the summer the City will complete projects to improve the quality on over 7 miles of roads in our community. This includes new pavement on portions of Bollinger Canyon Road , Fostoria Way, and Albion Road as well as parking lots at Central Park, Memorial Park and Mill Creek Park.  We are grateful for the new funding from SB-1 that addStreet Repaired over $450,000 of funding for our road work and allowed an approximate 10% increase in the amount of street repair work conducted this summer. Please be mindful as you drive by our construction and maintenance teams to ensure their safety as they work around vehicles. 


The CityRefuse Vehicle of San Ramon passed a Refuse Vehicle Impact Fee on March 13th with an effective date of July 1st. The fee is actually an increase to the franchise fee assessed on Waste Management, the City’s refuse collector, which they pass on to the rate payers. The typical increase for a residential customer refuse bill will be $3.18 per household per month. The additional franchise fee is dedicated by ordinance as an offset to the damage caused to local streets and roads within San Ramon by refuse collection vehicles and will be placed in a separate account for those purposes only.

The fee was recommended by staff based on a systematic analysis of San Ramon’s roads. The analysis determined that the significant impact of refuse collection vehicles on the quality of our local streets should be addressed to properly care for the municipal infrastructure. The chart here illustrates the relative impact of refuse collection vehicles in comparison to other vehicles. 

The impact from refuse vehicles is significant because these are very heavy vehicles that operate regularly on residential streets, which are designed for limited traffic loads not large commercial vehicles This fee is not unique to San Ramon, and many other agencies have similar fees in place including: Danville, Dublin, Lafayette, Livermore, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasanton, and Walnut Creek.

Pavement Stress



Applications are being accepted through August 3rd for the San Ramon Citizen’s Planning Academy.  The second annual academy begins Monday September 10th and will run for six consecutive Mondays, from 6:30 pm to 9:00pm.  In addition, participants will take a tour of San Ramon to see firsthand what is going on in the community from a planning perspective. You can download an application here.

City Center


In support of Small Business Saturday, the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce together with the City of San Ramon, will launch a shop local Passport Program. Small businesses who wish to participate in the passport program should contact the Chamber of Commerce by August 15th to sign up. The passport program will be active from November 17th to December 15th where participants who submit complete passports will be eligible to enter a drawing for several prizes through the Chamber.


County Connection will hold a public hearing on July 25th from 4:30 to 6:30 at the San Ramon Community Center to garner feedback on changes in bus service. In San Ramon, the proposed changes will include: eliminating routes with low ridership or average daily boarding of four passengers per hour, adding service to routes with higher ridership, and an increase in the one-way cash fare to $2.50 (for local and express routes). 

Ultimately, the Service Restructure and Fare Modification Plan must be approved by the County Connection Board of Directors, which is tentatively scheduled for November 15, 2018. If approved, changes will take place in spring 2019. 

County Connection Bus


The new colored stamped concrete walkway to City Hall and the Skate Park was completed in late June more than a week ahead of schedule. Staff coordinated with the contractor to expedite the project by working day and night shifts to minimize disruption to the high volume of people who use the Skate Park. The stamped concrete, which matches the design in front of City Hall, creates another visual welcoming element for the public to the San Ramon Civic Center area.


As part of the annual preventative maintenance program, the Traffic Signal Maintenance Division replaced ten signal cabinets in San Ramon. The replacement included new load switches, flash transfer relays, detectors, flashers, and conflict monitors. These once a decade events allows traffic signals to function at peak level and optimize mobility in San Ramon.  The cabinet upgrades, primarily along Crow Canyon Rd and Alcosta Rd, were completed in late June.