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The Landscaping Maintenance staff provides oversight and maintenance repairs for the landscaped areas located throughout the City’s streets, trails, and medians. Weekly maintenance, including weed abatement and trash and debris pick-up along City streets, is provided using contracted services. In addition, staff oversees the provision of contracted horticultural care for all improved landscaped areas.  Services include weekly mowing and edging of turf areas, annual tree pruning, fertilization programs and annual aeration, and de-thatching of turf areas. 

The maintenance staff monitors streetlight outages to ensure that an acceptable level of service is provided to our citizens by conducting quarterly night-time street light inspections.  Although most of the City's streetlights are maintained by City crews, some continue to be maintained by PG&E.  Follow-up inspections are made to ensure that repairs have been completed by PG&E.  If you know of a streetlight that is not functioning properly, please write down the pole number located on the lower portion of the pole and contact the Public Services at (925) 973-2800, or complete a CRM service request.

Crow Canyon Road Landscape Renovation Project (CIP 5351)

City staff is currently working with Gates and Associates Architect to develop a design for the Crow Canyon Road Median Landscaping. The purpose of the project is to renovate the landscaping in the narrow medians from San Ramon Valley Blvd. to Bollinger Canyon Road, reduce water use, reduce maintenance, and improve the appearance. The original landscaping and irrigation system was installed in 1985 and has been slowly declining for several years. The new design will include upgrading to smart controllers compatible with the City's central irrigation control system, with flow monitoring capabilities that can shut off the water if a break is detected and will automatically adjust watering times based on weather conditions. The new design is expected to reduce water use and maintenance costs and add aesthetic value. Work is anticipated to begin in the fall 2013.

  • Crow Canyon Road Median Landscape Renovation: Design
  • Crow Canyon Road Median Landscape Renovation: Plant Palette

August 14, 2013 Update: The demolition phase to remove dead plant material in the medians is scheduled to be completed in August 2013.


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