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San Ramon LogoLeaf Season

Keeping San Ramon's streets clean is a big job for the street sweepers, and never more so than in
the fall and winter months, when trees shed their leaves. Street sweepers provide for the removal
of naturally occurring dirt and leaf accumulation, to promote efficient drainage and avoid
accumulation of water. Large concentrated piles of yard waste, however, when vacuumed up into
the sweeper cause the sweeper to clog and break down, which interrupts the sweeping
schedule. Also, leaves collected and piled in gutters can hide larger objects such as rocks, large
twigs, and bricks that damage sweepers. As a result, sweepers bypass large mounds of debris.

Sweeper operators sweep residential areas twice a month and arterial roadways once a week.
Leaves on your property should be placed in the appropriate green waste container for pick-up or
be used for composting. Please do not blow or sweep leaves into the gutter line, which can block
the flow of water and cause drainage issues, and remember that raking leaves into the street is
considered illegal dumping.

REMINDER - During peak leaf season, you may see a sweeper on your street on a day that is
not your scheduled sweep day. These are extra sweeps provided by an additional street sweeper,
and are on an unscheduled basis. Your scheduled day, however, will always remain the same.
Visit our City website to check your scheduled sweeping day and learn more about the City’s
maintenance operations.

Click here for information on our Street Sweeping page.



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