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June 13, 2012

The San Ramon PD has recently investigated several cases involving a scam, theft of money using fraud and deceit. Citizens should be aware of the scam to protect themselves from falling victim to this type of scheme. The scam involves a suspect who calls and either identifies himself as a grandson or a friend of the grandson who is desperate and/or injured and needs money wired immediately via Western Union to a location in Europe, where the suspect claims that the “grandson” is traveling. The suspect may possess some personal information about the “grandson” that may provide a sense of validity to the claim; this information may come from a social network website, such as Facebook. Several of our citizens have fallen victim to this cruel deception and have sent (and lost) thousands of dollars to the criminal suspect.

The target of this type of scam is frequently senior citizens. It is almost impossible to identify and hold any criminal suspect responsible for this type of crime. The best protection from this, and similar, scams is to be aware that there are people “out there” who are committing these crimes and will prey upon innocent victims. If you experience a call that is similar and targets you for a wire transfer of funds, before taking any action, stop and think. Place a call to the relative, “grandson,” or someone who is closely associated with the relative to attempt to verify the situation; is the relative actually traveling? Could the relative be in the country/city that the caller claims they are in? Is there anyone close to the relative that can call, text, or e-mail the relative? Can you get information from the caller that would allow you to verify the validity of the claim from a third party, such as the name of the hospital, hotel, or even jail (depending on the caller’s story) where the relative is supposed to be located?

If you have any questions, please contact the San Ramon Police Department (925) 973-2700.




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