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San Ramon LogoQuality Assurance Program

Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this program is to assure that the San Ramon Police Department is providing the highest quality service to all persons that we contact. It is accompanied by continual interaction to solicit feedback from the community we serve.

Gathering Results
Supervisors of all employees of the San Ramon Police Department periodically initiated contact with citizens that interacted with our employees. The contact was made by the supervisors approximately two times per month, per employee and was conducted on a random basis.

The contact serves the following purposes:

  1. Allows supervisors to identify areas of improvement and specific topics for additional training
  2. Identifies employees who regularly provide exemplary service
  3. Establishes a benchmark/status report of the public’s perception of the San Ramon Police Department

Throughout the fiscal year July 2013 – June 2014, the supervisors of the San Ramon Police Department completed 458 quality assurance surveys with random citizens who interacted with the San Ramon Police Department. Twenty-nine Police Officers were reviewed throughout the survey process.

The questionnaire allowed respondents to rate their experience with each officer as: very satisfied, satisfied or dissatisfied. Citizens were also asked if there was anything that could be done to improve the service of the San Ramon Police Department, and if they wanted to provide additional comments.

If you would like to fill out a Citizen Report Form, click here to provide:

  • Commendations
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Grievances/Complaints
  • Information


Of the 458 surveys collected, 47% (214) responded very satisfied, 53% (216) responded satisfied and less than 1% (1) responded dissatisfied.

SRPD Quality Assurance

  • “She was very nice!  I had a similar thing happen to me in another city and nobody from the police called me.”
  • “Tragic Circumstances. I appreciate you handling it so professionally.”
  • “He was great; he explained everything to me. He followed up by calling me a few days later.”
  • “I have been having problems with my neighbor for a long time. He seems to think I’m harassing him. The officer took the time to talk to him and we were able to finally fix our problem.”
  • “Obviously we are quite upset with this situation, but your officer’s demeanor and caring attitude helped a lot.”
  • “He did an excellent job. The other guy was very irate and the officer stepped in and diffused the situation. I was very impressed with the service.”
  • “I don’t know what happened but someone opened an account in my name with all my personal information. The officer gave me some good advice on how to make sure everything is taken care of so it won’t happen again.”
  • “No complaints. Your response time was quicker than where I live.”
  • “The officer was very professional and treated me well even though I was being arrested.”
  • “The officers showed a lot of restraint while dealing with my disturbed brother.



We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
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