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If you have evidence of identity theft, filing a police report is the first step in preserving and/or repairing your reputation and credit. Please keep all papers, statements, receipts, cancelled checks, mail, etc. related to this crime. You can make a report via telephone by calling San Ramon Police's non-emergency dispatch at (925) 973-2779, come into the department during business hours (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., exluding holidays).

Once you make a police report, it's a good idea to contact the three major credit-reporting companies. Ask them to place a fraud alert on your credit report and to indicate on your reports “My ID has been used to apply for credit fraudulently.” “Contact me at [Insert your telephone number] to verify all credit applications." Ask the credit bureaus to remove all inquiries and activities generated due to the fraudulent use of your information.

Here are some groups you should get in touch with if you are the victim of identity theft or fraud.

Credit Bureaus:

Agency Web URL Telephone Number
Equifax www.equifax.com 1-888-766-0008
Experian www.experian.com 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union www.transunion.com 1-800-680-7289

Additional agencies:

Agency Web URL Telephone Number
U.S. Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov 1-877-438-4338
Department of Motor Vehicles www.dmv.ca.gov 1-866-658-5758
U.S. Postal Inspector www.postalinspectors.uspis.gov 1-877-876-2455
Social Security www.socialsecurity.gov 1-800-772-1213
U.S. Department of State
(Lost or Stolen Passports)
www.travel.state.gov/passports 1-877-487-2778

In addition, here are some other steps you may want to take, if appropriate in your case:

ATM Cards:
Report a stolen ATM card(s) immediately to your bank or credit union. When you get a new card and account number, don't use the same password or pin number as the stolen card.

Checking: If your checks have been stolen, or your checking account information has been used to print fraudulent checks, notify your bank and appropriate check verification companies. Place a stop payment on any outstanding checks you did not write.

Credit Cards: Report a stolen credit card immediately, and be sure to note any fraudulent charges, so you won't be responsible for them. When you receive a replacement card, don't use the same password or pin number as the stolen card.

Creditors: Contact your creditors in writing by certified mail to inform them of the theft and ask that old accounts be closed as “account closed at consumer’s request.”

Driver’s License: If someone is using your driver’s license number as identification for bad checks, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue a fraud alert. Request a new license number and fill out a complaint form.

Passport: If your passport has been lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately to help protect yourself against identity theft and to prevent someone else from using the passport. X

U.S. Mail: Notify the Postal Inspector of any fraudulent use of your name via the mail.

Health Insurance: If your health insurance card is stolen, report it to your health insurer.

Long Distance Phone Service: If your long distance calling card has been stolen, call the carrier to cancel the stolen card and report any fraudulent charges. Also, call the carrier to cancel the account and open a new one.


  • Protect your social security number and only give it out when required by law.
  • No bank, auction site or other business should send you an email asking you to enter credit card information, passwords, social security numbers or other personal information. Often these fake emails will contain links to pages that look real but are not. If you suspect you are being directed to a fake site please go to the actual home web site of the company and inform them of what has happened.
  • Avoid mail theft by obtaining a locked mailbox and dropping off outgoing mail at the local post office or postal mailbox.
  • Do not give out your personal information or credit card number over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • Shred credit card offers and bank statements before you throw them away if you do not plan on using them.




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