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San Ramon LogoEmergency Alerts

During a real emergency, information about the impact of the emergency, the response actions taken by the City and important post emergency information will be posted here.


Other Alerts

  • Cell Phone Alerts

Contra Costa County continuously improves its ability to notify all residents and businesses of any possible emergency.  The Community Warning System (CWS) allows the Office of the Sheriff to alert the Contra Costa County residents and businesses about incidents that pose an imminent threat to human life or health.  The CWS uses sirens, radio and TV broadcasts, targeted telephone call-outs, and alerts to cellular telephones.

Everyone who lives or works in Contra Costa County is invited to register their cell phone number and the ZIP code areas for which they'd like to receive these alerts.  Simply go to http://cws.cccounty.us and enter your cell phone number and zip code selections.  Then check to accept the Terms of Service and click "Submit."  To change or cancel a cell phone registration, simply submit new selections using the same form.

You can get more information by emailing cwsstaff@so.cccounty.us or by calling the CWS office at (925) 313-9622.  Please help us spread the word about this important improvement in public warning capability for Contra Costa County.

  • Radio Alerts - 1610 AM Station 1610 AM sign

Station 1610 AM is dedicated to the City of San Ramon Emergency Preparedness and Response program to be used locally for broadcast of real-time emergency information. The Federal Communications Commission manages the Highway Advisory Radio System (HARS) program which allows local jurisdictions to apply for and operate a license on the AM band. The station exists to provide residents and motorists with timely and accurate information about incidents and emergency operations. Changeable message signs may be used to direct motorists to 1610 AM for conditions ahead or other event information. The portable solar/battery-powered signs are trailer-mounted and can be quickly transported as conditions warrant. Please let your friends and families know of these systems.



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