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Temporary Use Permits authorize certain temporary and seasonal uses, as defined in Division D1, Chapter 4 of the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Administrator is charged with reviewing and rendering a decision on complete temporary use permit applications within five working days of receipt. In order to meet the time frame established by the Zoning Ordinance, this memorandum has been developed as a guideline on processing temporary use permit applications.

Duties of the Zoning Administrator:

The Zoning Administrator shall approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove applications for temporary uses located on private property, outside of the public right-of-way within five working days. No notice or public hearing is required. Any temporary uses located on public property and/or in the public right-of-way are reviewed through a Special Events Permit, issued by the City of San Ramon Parks and Community Services Department. Planning staff would provide comments to Parks and Community Services staff on temporary signage associated with a Special Events Permit, as necessary.


The temporary use permit application shall be approved as submitted, or in modified form, if the Zoning Administrator finds:

  1. That the proposed temporary use will be located, operated and maintained in a manner consistent with the policies of the General Plan and the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance; and

  2. That approval of the application will not be detrimental to property or improvements in the surrounding area or to the public health, safety or general welfare.

Application Review Process:

In order for the Zoning Administrator to make a determination on a complete application, review by other departments and agencies of the proposed temporary use may be required. Upon submittal of an application to the Planning Services Division, the project planner will review the application for completeness. If the temporary use requires the temporary installation of advertising and/or promotional signage, the applicant shall apply for a separate temporary sign permit application which will be reviewed concurrently with the temporary use permit application. Directional and incidental informational signage associated with the use is not considered advertising or promotional signage.

Once the planner has made the determination that an application is complete, the project planner will identify whether other City departments and/or outside agencies will require application review and sign-off.

Trigger for other City departments and/or outside agencies review:

  • San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Review: All temporary use permit applications.
  • Police Department Review: All temporary use permit applications.
  • Engineering Division Review: If traffic, circulation, parking, and drainage/stormwater related review is necessary.
  • Building and Safety Division Review: All temporary use permit applications.

If no additional City departments and/or outside agencies are required to review the temporary use permit application, the Zoning Administrator will render a decision on the application and if applicable, provide the applicant with a copy of the approved application and conditions of permit approval.

If the project planner determines additional City departments and/or outside agencies should review the application prior to the Zoning Administrator’s determination, the project planner will fax copies of the complete application and application materials to the appropriate staff. City departments and outside agencies shall provide comments and/or conditions of approval via fax to the project planner within three business days of receipt of application. Upon receiving comments from the appropriate staff, the Zoning Administrator will render a decision on the application. If the application is approved, the project planner will provide the applicant with a copy of the approved application and conditions of permit approval. A copy of the approved temporary use permit application and conditions of approval will be forwarded to the Code Enforcement Division.

Submittal Requirements:

  1. A completed application form signed by the property owner or authorized agent.
  2. Application fee, payable to the City of San Ramon.
  3. Cleaning deposit, payable to the City of San Ramon, as determined by project planner.
  4. Written description of proposed temporary use, including but not limited to overview of project, reason for use, timeline of events, day(s) and hour(s) of operation, and description of project equipment and materials.
  5. Project site plan including location of temporary use, all temporary signage, and project equipment and materials.
  6. Certificate of Insurance with a General Liability minimum of $1 million per occurrence limit.
  7. Temporary sign permit application for advertising and/or promotional signs with sign specifications, as determined by project planner.
  8. Additional information, as determined by project planner.


  1. Temporary Use Permit Application Form
  2. Zoning Ordinance, Section D5-220 Temporary Use Permits and Temporary Sign Permits



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