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San Ramon Logo Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is my zoning?

A planner can tell you in which zoning district your property is located. You will need to provide either your street address or Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) or both. You can send an e-mail through our Customer Response Management System and select Planning/Zoning. You can call the planner-on-duty at (925) 973-2560 between 8:30 –5:00 Monday through Friday, or you can visit the office in person during the same walk-in counter hours listed above. You may need to leave a voice mail for the planner. The Planning Services Division has a policy of making every effort to return telephone calls within 24 hours.  A digitized zoning map is available by clicking here.


2. How do I establish a Family Day Care in my home?

A family day care home is a residence which provides family day care, including the children who reside at the home, as defined in regulations provided by the State of California. The City requires operators of family day care homes to obtain a land use permit to establish a Family Day Care Home permit for several reasons. Surrounding neighbors should be notified and allowed the opportunity to comment on the permit application. The City must also consider the possible impacts of the proposed facility, particularly with regard to spacing or concentration of facilities, traffic, parking, and noise control.  In addition, family day care homes must also obtain a City Business License to operate. Information regarding obtaining a City business license can be found at the following link: http://www.sanramon.ca.gov/finance/buslic.htm

Please contact the Community Care Licensing Division for additional State requirements


3. Where can I report a Zoning or Building Code Violation?

A violation of the zoning or building code can be reported anonymously in the following ways. For potential zoning violations you may contact Planning at (925) 973-2560 and for potential building code violations or contractors working with a building permit, you may contact Building and Safety Services at (925) 973-2580.

Additionally on the City’s Website http://www.sanramon.ca.gov: click "Contact Us" from the "Select your topic" drop down menu and it will take you directly to our Customer Response Management System where you can select the Department and identify a specific topic.


4. How do I find out what projects are being processed by the City?

The Planning Services Division posts a monthly Current Development Status Sheet that identifies status of the projects Planning Services is currently processing. Click on the following link to take you directly to this list. http://www.sanramon.ca.gov/plan/documents/projectlist.pdf


5. Where can I locate a business in the City?

To locate a business in San Ramon, a business license must be issued by the City and the business located in the appropriate zoning district. For example, a retail business would be located within a retail zoning district and an administrative office in an office district. The Planning Division maintains a map that shows zoning for every parcel in the City. To ask questions regarding a specific business you are proposing to establish and to determine what the requirements might be, you may call 973-2560 to speak with a planner or send an e-mail request at our website http://www.sanramon.ca.gov and click "Contact Us".


6. Are there child care regulations in the City?
7. When is a Building, Electrical, Mechanical or Plumbing Permit required for a single family dwelling?

It is easier to answer when a permit is not required. Read the California Code Permit Exemptions Page to see when a Building, Electrical, Mechanical or Plumbing permit is not required.


8. When is special inspection required?

Special Inspection is required by Chapter 17 of the 2013 California Building Code.


NOTE: Standards for Dougherty Valley

Dougherty Valley is an unique community with zoning standards and design guidelines specific to this development. While the majority of the development standards for Dougherty Valley are similar to other parts of the City, please contact the Planning Services Division at 973-2560 for specific information.



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