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San Ramon Logo Development Application and Building Permit Processing Timelines


Thank you for making an investment in San Ramon with your development application. The City prides itself on high quality public service, but acknowledges that much of the good work is the result of private investment choices made by each of our applicants to locate in San Ramon. One of our primary goals is customer satisfaction.

Development Processing

San Ramon’s development review process is based on our General Plan 2020 and supplemented by the Zoning Ordinance and Federal, State and City adopted rules, regulations and policies. Many of these documents are provided online at our web site at www.sanramon.ca.gov. Our professional staff uses these policies to ensure your application is reviewed in a comprehensive manner with the goal of providing you with complete and accurate information at the beginning of the process. Our goal is to be continuously improving our customer services and overall process

Processing Timelines for Land Use Development Applications and Building Permits

The City has worked with residents, contractors and the development community to solicit feedback on our service and to establish timelines for processing many of our land use development applications and building permits. These tables identify target timelines that are intended to set expectations for City staff and our applicants as to how long a given process should take. One important lesson we have learned is that a partnership and open communication with the applicant helps to keep projects moving more successfully through the process. City staff is committed to managing your project(s) according to these timelines.

If your project does not fit into one of the general categories, we will work with you to establish the best course of action for processing your application(s). For example, if your project is requiring more than two plancheck reviews or there is extensive public input, we will schedule a meeting with you and your consultants to discuss the best way to keep your project moving forward.

There maybe requirements from other agencies that are more restrictive than the City’s. We encourage you to contact the following agencies to determine if their review and/or approval is needed.

Contra Costa Central Sanitary District
5019 Imhoff Place
Martinez, Ca 94553
(925) 228-9500

Environmental Health Department
2120 Diamond Blvd, Suite 200
Concord, Ca 94520
(925) 646-5225

Dublin San Ramon Services District
7051 Dublin Blvd
Dublin, Ca, 94568
(925) 828-0515
PG&E, Planning Services
7425 Southfront Road
Livermore ca 94551-8224
(800) 468-4743
San Ramon Valley Unified School District
699 Old Orchard Dr.
Danville, Ca 94526
(925) 552-2944 or 552-2906
375 11th Street, 
Oakland, CA 94607 
(866) 403-2683
San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District
1500 Bollinger Canyon Road
(925) 838-6600
San Ramon, CA 94583
Click Here to locate the Sewer and Water District which you are in (pdf)

Land Use Development Applications

As part of managing the schedule for your project, it is important to understand the overall discretionary review process including the required public hearings and the appropriate environmental review. The Planning Division staff will assist you with all aspects of your project, such as coordinating the required City Boards and Commission meetings and working with you to address and resolve any complex issues that may arise.

Working With Your Project Manager in Planning or Building Services

To provide you the best possible customer service, a staff planner or plans examiner will serve as your project manager and will be assigned as your key point of contact in the City for processing your development application or building permit. The project manager is responsible for managing your project review schedule, scheduling meetings and providing feedback to you and your consultants regarding various components of your project. In addition, the project manager will facilitate the resolution of key project issues to ensure you get the best possible information and decisions from all City departments in a timely manner. Your project manager has access to department management and upon your request will coordinate the necessary team meetings and decision-making to keep your project moving. This relationship is an important partnership to ensure good communication and a predictable development process – feel free to contact your project manager at any time


It is important to understand that the planning and building development review process works best when there is a partnership between the City and our customers to resolve project issues. We will work diligently to find solutions that meet your needs so that the City’s long-term goals are achieved.

If you have any questions about the development process, need help to resolve an issue or have comments about how we are doing please feel free to give me a call. Please take time to fill out the Customer Survey forms that you will receive at the conclusion of your process. Your comments and feedback help us improve the way we do our jobs, particularly our service to our customers.

Planning/Community Development
(925) 973-2560

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