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K-9 Unit 

K-9 Team

The Canine Unit was established to supplement police operations by locating and apprehending criminal offenders and locating illegal narcotics. The dogs superior sense of smell, hearing and potential aggressiveness, makes the trained law enforcement K-9 a valuable supplement to officers in the street.

Utilizing a K-9 requires procedures that properly control the dogs potential use of force and channel their specialized capabilities into crime prevention and control. Each handler is trained in the tactical application of his/her dog prior to being active on the street. The handler assists in creating plans of action for effective canine use, which is based upon the immediate circumstances of a situation.

The San Ramon Police Department’s Canine Program began in 2003 with one K-9, Dar (he retired in March 2013). The Department realized the value of this additional resource and with the generous donations from the community the program has been extended to three K-9 officers.

The K-9's are assigned to their handlers 24 hours a day, which means the dogs live with their officer and the officer's family. This strengthens the bond between the K-9 and their handler and it also allows for a quicker response to emergencies if they are requested while off-duty.

The K-9's each received over 320 hours of initial training prior to working. Weekly and daily training is a must, as they have to pass strict annual P.O.S.T. certification standards. The dogs must obey their handlers without hesitation and be able to work under the most trying and adverse conditions.

The K-9's are specifically trained in tracking and trailing fleeing felons and lost children or adults. They have the ability to locate discarded articles and can detect the odor of narcotics. K-9s are particularly efficient in searching large fields or buildings for hiding suspects and they can enter small areas that officers may not be able to access. They are also very useful in high risk situations such as vehicle pursuits that often lead to foot chases where a K-9's speed and tracking ability are put to the test.

Everyday, the K-9 teams are requested for area searches and narcotic searches throughout the City of San Ramon and Contra Costa County.

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Officer Gonzalez & "Blix"

Officer Rick Gonzalez and Blix

Officer Rick Gonzalez and his K-9 partner "Blix"

San Ramon’s newest K-9 is Blix, a 2-year-old male Belgian Malinois. He was born in the Netherlands and his commands are given in Dutch.

Officer Gonzalez and Blix became partners in February 2017. Blix was purchased with community donations from the same Riverside kennel as Senna, Hector, Bongo and Dar.

Officer Medina & "Senna"
Medina K9

Officer Abe Medina and his K-9 partner "Senna"

Senna is a 7-year-old female Belgian Malinois. She was born in the Netherlands and her commands are given in Dutch.

Officer Medina and Senna became partners in May 2013. Senna started out a bit older than most new K-9s because she originally competed as a certified sporting dog.

She was purchased with community donations from the same Riverside kennel as Hector, Bongo and Dar.
Officer Molien & "Hector"
Officer Al Molien and "Hector"

Officer Al Molien and his K-9 partner "Hector"

Hector is a 6-year-old male German Shepherd originally from Burback, Germany. His commands are given in German.

Officer Molien was partnered with Hector in July 2012. Hector’s name comes from Greek mythology, where his namesake was a Trojan prince and the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan War.

The K-9 was purchased with community donations from the same Riverside kennel as Bongo and Dar).

Retired K-9s

Officer Bruce & "Bongo"
Officer Echelmeier and "Dar"