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Lindsay Dirkx Brown Art Gallery

Located inside the San Ramon Community Center - 12501 Alcosta Blvd.

Sharon Augusta Mitchell, The Biological Clock,

Sharon Augusta Mitchell, The Biological Clock, 

California Society of Printmakers 

'Under Pressure'
October 1 - October 26
Reception: Sat October 3pm - 5pm

Under Pressure features artwork  by members of The California Society of Printmakers, an international organization that promotes the practice and appreciation of contemporary fine art printmaking. Under Pressure refers to the nature of printmaking processes, which use pressure applied with a press or by hand to transfer an image onto paper or another support. The exhibition title also refers to deeper themes examined by the artists. Subjects range from the impending pressure of climate change to societal pressures, such as the pressure to have children “before it’s too late” portrayed in Sharon Augusta Mitchell’s mezzotint The Biological Clock. New CSP member Kamil Zaleski’s work examines the pressures of images which increasingly try to define us in this “era of ubiquitous digitization”. Other work references forces such as atmospheric pressure, the pressure of the deep sea, as well as gravity. Katherine Venturelli’s Quantum Leap visually represents the increased kinetic energy that results from pressure applied to molecules. Other artists discuss emotional pressures inherent in the art-making process. Hélène Paulette Côté refers to pressure as “a way of life”, stating “I found I do my best work under the pressure of a deadline”.  Susan Silvester observes that “due to a variety of factors the print you get doesn’t always work. Pressure is in the knowledge that this process is a gamble that can’t be depended on. However, it is rewarding when it does!”

The goal of the California Society of Printmakers (CSP) is to support the integrity of traditional printmaking while providing a home for artists exploring new directions in contemporary print methods. To that end, the CSP organizes exhibitions of members’ artwork, artist talks, demos, lectures, artist residencies and an annual journal publication. CSP is the oldest printmaking organization in the nation. Originally founded in 1912 as the California Society of Etchers, it reflected a surge of printmaking activity during the early part of the century. In 1968 the California Society of Etchers merged with the Bay Area Printmakers to form the present CSP. For more information visit

Participating artists include Shunsuke Ando, Margo Bors, Donna Brown, Jen Cole, Cathie Crawford, Hélène Paulette Côté, Barbara Foster, Linda Fribley, Yuji Hiratsuka, Mehrdad Khataei, Joanna Kidd, Dixie Laws, Barbara Milman, Sharon Augusta Mitchell, Lynn Newcomb, Michael O'Shea, Arline Reimann, Aslı Sağlam, Susan Silvester, Maryly Snow, Karen Towne, Frances Valesco, Summer Ventis, Katherine Venturelli, Linda Yoshizawa, Kamil Zaleski.