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Email Subscription Service to Better Serve Residents

eSanRamon is an email and digital subscription solution to enhance the way City residents receive and access municipal information. It allows residents to subscribe to topics of interest on the City website, and receive free, instant email alerts when this information is updated. Another wonderful feature is that it functions as a FREE Public Alert System that allows for instant notification in emergency situations.  Subscribers will receive real-time Crime Bulletins and Emergency Alerts both via email and wirelessly. In order to receive these time-sensitive emergency notifications, you MUST subscribe to the service by clicking here.

We also have a great widget that can be shared in a variety of mediums: email, placement on your iGoogle page, Facebook page, etc… or you can even copy it to your website. The widget works as a window that displays the most recent 10 Alerts we sent out via the GovDelivery program in chronological order (newest to oldest).  We also have an Emergency Alert widget on our Emergency Response page for a complete update of the events as they occur. It also gives you the opportunity to subscribe to receive these alerts via email and/or wireless text by entering your email address in the RECEIVE EMAIL UPDATES field.  In the event of a real disaster, a copy of this widget will be placed on our HOME page for the highest website visibility. If you are interested in sharing our widget, click on the GET AND SHARE link found at the bottom of the widget’s window and it will do its magic.

eSanRamon helps residents get the information they want as quickly and efficiently as possible. It sends personalized email and text message updates from our city, putting you in control of the types of information you receive, the time frame in which it is communicated, and the means by which it is delivered. This exemplifies our ongoing commitment to provide efficient delivery of quality public services to those who live and work in San Ramon, through an accessible and responsive city government. The City is constantly looking for innovative ways to expand and improve our digital community.

Signing up is free, easy, and risk-free for residents. Links to sign up are found on the City web site home page and on the individual pages that are being offered up for subscription or simply by clicking here. The only information required is an email address, and subscribers can change their subscription details or cancel the service at any time.




We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
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