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Traffic Engineering
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The Traffic Engineering Section provides general traffic engineering support services, traffic signal system operations management, traffic signal system design, capital project management, traffic data collection, plan review for encroachment permits and capital improvement projects, sight clearance inspections, and responses to citizen inquiries and requests. The mission of the Traffic Engineering Section is to provide for safe and efficient traffic flow throughout the City.

Safety for the people who rely on, and use, the City’s transportation system every day is of crucial importance. Regular monitoring of the system’s performance through traffic counts, speed surveys, and accident records provides the feedback needed to identify problems and develop effective traffic engineering solutions.

Staff also conducts an annual "Safe Routes to School" study to reflect changes in school area boundaries, new schools, and/or changed traffic patterns. Necessary improvements such as new crosswalks are identified in the Safe Routes to School report, and the study’s recommendations are carried forward to construction, as appropriate.

Key Personnel:

Mike Talley, P.E.
Senior Engineer
(925) 973-2654
Deborah Fehr, P.E.
Associate Engineer
(925) 973-2657




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