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Phone: (925) 973-2670 | Fax: (925) 838-3937


Title Staff E-mail Voice
District Engineer Robin Bartlett rbartlett@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2683
City Engineer Brian Bornstein bbornstein@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2686
Senior Civil Engineer Daniel Chavarria dchavarria@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2681
Senior Traffic Engineer Mike Talley mtalley@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2654
Associate Traffic Engineer Deborah Fehr dfehr@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2657
Associate Engineers Chen-hsuan (Shane) Hsieh chsieh@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2675
Chris Low clow@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2682
Theresa Peterson tpeterson@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2685
Marvin Smitherman (T) msmitherman@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2676
Rod Wui rwui@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2669
Assistant Engineer Suzy Edwards sedwards@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2667
Supervising Inspector Karl Shogren kshogren@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2695
Senior Engineering Inspectors Jean-Paul Ripert jripert@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2693
Roy Shields rshields@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2691
Engineering Inspectors Jesus Aguilar jaguilar@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2690
Greg Bender gbender@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2694
Senior CIP Analyst Amy A. Amiri aamiri@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2671
Special District Sr Analyst Steven Spedowfski spedowfski@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2653
Engineering Specialist Eric Ramos eramos@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2698
GIS Specialist Andrew Stinnett astinnett@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2679
Office Specialist Debbie Hince dhince@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2677


Title Staff E-mail Voice
Maintenance Operations Division Manager  Jeff Gault jgault@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2809
Solid Waste, Recycling & Fleet Program Manager David Krueger dkrueger@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2824
Streets & Landscaping Maintenance Program Manager  Patrick Gutierrez pgutierrez@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2836
Parks & Facilities Maintenance Program Manager Sandy Martin smartin@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2807
Senior Administrative Analyst Julie Vargas jvargas@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2805
Senior Administrative Analyst Jennifer Pachan jepachan@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2806
Administrative Analyst Scott Rennicks srennicks@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2802
Administrative Coordinator Amber Brooks abrooks@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2808
Administrative Coordinator Jonette Fuentes jfuentes@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2803
Administrative Coordinator Matt Ramirez mramirez@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2815


Title Staff Email Voice
Transportation Division Manager Lisa Bobadilla lbobadilla@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2651
Transportation Analyst Darlene Amaral damaral@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2655
Transportation Specialist PJ Dhoot pdhoot@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2656
Transportation Office Specialist Amy Sekhon asekhon@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2658
SRV Street Smarts Coordinator Dolores Pita dpita@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2581
Contractor, TRAFFIX Program Manager Judy Lloyd manager@ridetraffix.com 866-8739



We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
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