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Public Works Department


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Engineering Services
2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA  94583
Phone: (925) 973-2670
Email: Engineering@sanramon.ca.gov

The Engineering Services Division is responsible for the administration and implementation of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the federally mandated Stormwater Pollution Control Program, Geologic Hazard Abatement District No. 1990-01 (GHAD), open space and flood plain management, citywide drainage and creeks, managing and coordinating the City's Geographic Information System (GIS) Enterprise Server and application developments, traffic engineering, and for the review and inspection of development projects.

Public Services
5000 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA  94582
Phone: (925) 973-2800
After hours non-emergency dispatch: (925) 973-2779
E-mail:  publicservices@sanramon.ca.gov

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the City’s parks, roadway medians and other open space; City fleet vehicles and equipment; City facilities and maintenance contracts; drainage maintenance for the City’s public catch basins, drainage; creeks and easements; street sweeping and maintenance and administration of the solid waste franchise agreement. The Landscape and Lighting District program provides maintenance and electrical service to landscaped areas in 17 zones and over 3,800 street lights throughout the City.

Transportation Services
2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA  94583
Phone: (925) 973-2650
Email:  Transportation@sanramon.ca.gov

The Transportation Services Division is responsible for planning and implementing programs to ensure effective, convenient and safe transportation for people and goods in San Ramon. The Division's programs include Transportation Planning, Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Regional Transportation Coordination, Suggested Routes to School, Residential Traffic Calming (RTC), Traffic Mitigation Fee Program, Street Smarts, Public Transit, and Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency - TRAFFIX.  




We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583 | Map | Phone (925) 973-2650 | Fax (925) 938-3231