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Latest COVID-19 Updates

3/31 Update from City Manager Joe Gorton


Dear Neighbors,

Our thoughts are with everyone in our community during this unprecedented time. We are deeply appreciative of everyone who is complying with the current Health Order to stay at home, aside from essential activities. It is heartening to see the ways in which neighbors are safely supporting one another through creative connections, while maintaining essential physical distance.

Today, Bay Area Health Officers announced an extension to the stay-at-home public health order: previously set through April 7, the order is now extended through May 3.

You can read the updated Order at the Contra Costa County Health Services website, along with their updated FAQs.

The new order adds some clarifying language around essential business and activities, as well as some new directives, including:

  • Use of playgrounds, dog parks, public picnic areas, and similar recreational areas is prohibited. These areas must be closed to public use.
  • Use of shared public recreational facilities such as golf courses, tennis and basketball courts, pools, and rock walls is prohibited. These facilities must be closed for recreational use.
  • Sports requiring people to share a ball or other equipment must be limited to people in the same household Requires essential businesses to develop a social distancing protocol before April 3
  • Most construction—residential and commercial—is prohibited
  • Funerals limited to no more than 10 people attending
  • Essential businesses expanded to include service providers that enable residential transactions (notaries, title companies, Realtors, etc.); funeral homes and cemeteries; moving companies, rental car companies and rideshare services that specifically enable essential activities
  • Essential businesses that continue to operate facilities must scale down operations to their essential component only

We recognize that this is a challenging time, and please understand the goal behind all of these efforts is to continue to do everything possible to “flatten the curve.”

Learning from what has already occurred in Europe and what is currently happening in New York, gives us valuable insight on how to defend against a surge of cases in our own community. The spike in cases and the impact on our health care workers' capacity to treat COVID-19 patients is what we are trying to avoid.

As cases increase in Contra Costa County, our hope, with the continuance of this stay at home order, is to avoid the substantial surge in cases we have witnessed in other parts of our country and the world.

The best thing you can do at this time is stay at home, minimize essential trips out, keep 6 feet from others if you must leave home, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, and regularly disinfect frequently-touched surfaces.

Click here for additional information on keeping healthy, or what to do if you begin to experience symptoms.


Local COVID-19 Updates

  • All City facilities remain closed to the public, including City Hall, all Community Centers, the Permit Center and Police Department. Some services are still available over the phone or online. Departments can be contacted at the following numbers during regular business hours (M–F, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.):

    City Hall & Administrative Services: (925) 973-2500
    Parks and Community Services: (925) 973-3200
    Planning Services: (925) 973-2560
    Police Department: (925) 973-2700
    Engineering Services: (925) 973-2670
    Public Services: (925) 973-2800
    Transportation Services: (925) 973-2650

  • If you would like to donate extra Personal Protective Equipment like unused masks, gowns, or disinfecting wipes to local healthcare providers, visit City Hall to contribute drive-through donations this Wednesday or Thursday from 10 a.m.—2 p.m.

  • On Friday, SRVUSD announced further school closures through May 1. For more information, visit the SRVUSD website.

  • On Friday, the Governor of California issued an Executive Order declaring a moratorium on evictions for tenants who have difficulty meeting regular rental payments during the stay-at-home order. A number of banks have also agreed to a 90-day grace period on mortgage payments.

Questions About COVID-19 Cases in San Ramon

We have received several inquiries as to whether there are any confirmed cases of COVID-19 within San Ramon.

Contra Costa Health Services is responsible for tracking cases and case information, and does not share that information with the City.

Contra Costa Health Services is bound by patient privacy laws, which preclude them from providing case information to the public.

It is also important to note that by not releasing specific locations of positive or negative tests, or fatalities, avoids unnecessary panic from positive cases, and also avoids a false sense of security from negative cases for those assuming nothing is happening in their area.

The reality is that we are all at risk, and the best path forward for anyone who lives in our area is to take the necessary safety precautions, and abide by the public health​ order in place.


Community Resources

I also wanted to take a moment to remind you of the information and resources available at the City of San Ramon’s website, which are updated regularly:


Stay Informed


Social media: Facebook, Twitter, NextDoor

General Questions: (925) 973-2500

Senior Hotline (English): (925) 973-3250

Senior Voicemail Line (Mandarin): (925) 973-3277

Help Line for Others: (925) 973-3240



If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for helping to keep our community strong!


Joe Gorton
San Ramon City Manager


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