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Winner of the Palme d'Or, this film is a gripping tale of human survival. In Sri Lanka a Tamil soldier poses as a husband and father of two strangers in order to make a new life in France only to encounter new challenges there. Rated R, 100 minutes, French & Tamil/English subtitles
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Bedtime Theater: Circus Arts - March 1, 2019
Bri Crabtree is part ringmaster, part clown, and all kinds of awesome! This daredevil darling will sweep you off your feet with her eccentric charm, amusing antics, and amazing circus tricks. The show features comedy juggling, unicycling, and calves of steel. You will witness hair acrobatics, a gravity defying toothbrush, and more! Objects come to life, logic is turned upside-down, and curiosity prevails. It’s a chance to run away to the circus, even if it’s just for one night.
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Symphonic Band - FANTASIA! - March 1, 2019
The San Ramon Symphonic Band takes great pride in their concert performances with the wonderful talent and musicianship of our performers. The upcoming concert is titled 'Fantasia' which will feature performances from such composers as Gershwin, Fisher Tull, Berlioz, Barnes, Vaughn Williams and more! A ‘Fantasia’ is a musical composition with its roots in the art of improvisation. Because of this, like the impromptu, it seldom follows the textbook rules of any strict musical form. This performance will hold true to this wonderful composition style and the San Ramon Community Band will not disappoint.
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