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San Ramon LogoBollinger Canyon Road Widening Project


Bollinger Canyon Road (I-680 Freeway to Market Place)
CIPs 5321, 5322, and 5324
Planned Construction Period: August 2017 to Fall 2018

  1. What is the purpose of the Project?
    To provide additional capacity improvements to accommodate the City Center, General Plan buildout, and Dougherty Valley buildout.

  2. What is the scope of work for the Bollinger Canyon Road Widening Project?
  • Add one travel lane in the eastbound direction from the I-680 Freeway to Market Place
  • Extend dual left turn lanes on eastbound Bollinger Canyon Road to northbound Sunset Drive and to northbound Camino Ramon
  • Addition of a second left turn lane on westbound Bollinger Canyon Road to the Chevron campus
  • Add second left turn lane on westbound Bollinger Canyon Road to Chevron and Bishop Ranch 1
  • Add exclusive right turn lane on westbound Bollinger Canyon Road to northbound Camino Ramon
  • Add second left turn lane on southbound Sunset Drive to eastbound Bollinger Canyon Road

3. What are the Project limits?
I-680 Freeway to Market Place
Bollinger construction map
4. Will modifications be made to the I-680 freeway ramps or interchange?
The current phase of the Bollinger Canyon Road Widening Project will terminate just prior to the I-680 northbound on-ramp.

The Bollinger Canyon Road Interchange is owned and operated by Caltrans. Improvements to the Bollinger Canyon Road Interchange will be studied as a component of the I-680 Bollinger Canyon Road Operational Analysis Project (see linked fact sheet). The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), in concert with Caltrans and San Ramon, has secured funding for the Study, which will be implemented in early 2018.

A presentation to the San Ramon City Council from CCTA on this topic and Innovate 680 was given on October 24, 2017. Below is a link to the City Council meeting, item #5.4.

5. When will road improvements begin?
Road Improvements began in August 2017.

6. When will improvements be complete?
Anticipated by fall 2018.

7. Will Bollinger Canyon Road be closed during construction?
No, but delays are expected due to construction activities and lane closures.

8. What are the Project working hours?
The majority of work will take place during daytime hours behind k-rail. However, some night and weekend work will also be necessary.

9. Who will construct this Project?
Granite Construction

10. How is this project funded?
This project is being funded with SCCJEPA (Southern Contra Costa Joint Exercise Powers Agreement) and Development funds.

11. What alternate forms of transportation are available?
The City of San Ramon, in concert with 511 Contra Costa, offers a variety of financial incentives to encourage commuters to drive less and use a commute alternative, such as: carpool, vanpool, transit, walk, or bike to work. For more information on commute incentives visit: www.sanramon.ca.gov/transp/downloads.htm

12. Where can I find additional information?
Visit: www.sanramon.ca.gov/bollinger/
The City website will be updated as the Project progresses.

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13. Who can I contact for additional questions?
Theresa Peterson, Associate Engineer
City of San Ramon - Public Works Department
(925) 973-2670



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