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Remember to always check with the Planning Division at (925) 973-2560 to confirm zoning requirements prior to beginning your project!

(Please provide three (3) complete sets)

  • Cover Sheet Information: address of project; name, address & phone number of project owner; description of project; schedule of demolition work.
  • Plot Plan: (indicate scale); lot dimensions; plan view of the site showing the location of buildings; north arrow; identification of all streets and right-of-ways adjacent to the site; location of all driveways and site entrances.
  • Plumbing/Mechanical/Electrical Demolition Information: plans or information sufficient to identify the location of sewer and PG&E’s power and gas (where capped).
  • Fire Protection Equipment Demolition: plans or information sufficient to identify the location of fire sprinkler supply.
  • San Ramon Valley Fire Department Receipt of Construction Drawings, 1500 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583; (925) 838-6600
  • Architectural/Structural (as required)

OTHER DOCUMENTS (2 copies, when required)

  • An "Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Notification Form" from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District prior to any commercial demolition where asbestos/hazardous materials exist. BAAQMD may be contacted at:

    Bay Area Air Quality Management District
    939 Ellis Street
    San Francisco, CA 94109 Phone:
    (415) 771-6000

Certification of hazardous material removal to include a copy of the Bill-of-Lading from the licensed hazardous materials contractor showing type of hazardous material, quantity of material removed, location and date of disposal. Required prior to final.



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