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Masonry Chimneys, Section 2113 – 2013 California Building Code

Section 2113.9.2:

  1. All chimneys attached to any appliance or fireplace that burns solid fuel shall be equipped with an approved spark arrester.
    • The net free area of the spark arrester shall be not less than four times the net free area of the outlet of the chimney flue it serves.
    • The spark arrester screen shall have heat and corrosion resistance equivalent to 12-gauge wire, 19-gauge galvanized steel or 24-gauge stainless steel.
    • Openings shall not permit the passage of spheres having a diameter larger than 1/2 inch nor block the passage of spheres having a diameter of less than 3/8 inch.Construction Worker
    • The spark arrestor shall be accessible for cleaning and the screen or chimney cap shall be removable to allow for cleaning of the chimney flue.

  2. When the valuation of an addition, alteration or repair to an existing Group R Occupancy exceeds $1,000.00 and a permit is required, a spark arrester shall be installed to the existing chimney in accordance to subsection (a) above.

  3. Prior to January 1, 1992, all existing chimneys shall be fitted with spark arresters whether or not any addition, alteration, or repair has been done on a Group R Occupancy.



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