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Building and Safety Services
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San Ramon LogoBuilding Inspection Scheduling and IVR


To Schedule an Inspection

Use the Automated Response System, Call (925) 973-2582

  • Press 1 from Main Menu

  • Enter Permit Number (6-Digit)

    • Permit number 00-9999 would be entered as 009999. The system will read back the permit number. If correct, press #.

    • Permit issued prior to January 1, 2000: You will need to know the year the permit was issued. For example:

      • Permit issued in 1998 with a building permit number 1205, enter the permit number as 981205.

      • Permit issued in 1999 with a building permit number 781, enter the permit number as 990781.
  • Select Permit Type

# 1 – Building (most inspections will be scheduled here)
Hear Address
Enter 3-Digit Inspection Code
Choose Day of Inspection (See list)
Choose Preferred Inspection Time (Note: AM or PM inspection time cannot be guaranteed.)
Press 1 for Anytime
Press 2 for AM
Press 3 for PM

  • Hear Confirmation Number for Inspection.
    Press 1 to End Call
    Press 2 to Schedule another Inspection on this Permit
    Press 3 to Schedule an Inspection on another Permit
    Press 4 to Return to Main Menu
  • Call (925) 973-2580, then select option 1 (Inspectors) between 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. on Mondays to Friday to check on inspection time frame.

Note: Residential rough frame does not include electrical, plumbing, mechanical, shower pan and fireplace. When scheduling, please select all that apply.



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