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Centennial Park
San Ramon LogoAdministrative Services title line

Eva Phelps

7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583
Email: AdminServices@sanramon.ca.gov
Voice: (925) 973-2500
Fax: (925) 866-1436


Staff:   Title E-mail Voice
Candace Daniels Division Manager cdaniels@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2515
Vivian Gong Sr Financial Analyst vgong@sanramon.ca.gov  973-2537
Marshall Yamamoto Financial Analyst myamamoto@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2516
Julie Glaser Payroll Analyst jglaser@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2506
Carla Hayden Accounting Coordinator clhayden@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2512
Glenda Broadfoot Payroll Coordinator gbroadfoot@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2501
Kristine Olsen Accounting Specialist kolsen@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2521
Andrea Stein Accounting Technician astein@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2511


Staff:   Title E-mail Voice
Sarah Monnastes Division Manager smonnastes@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2633
TBD HR Analyst    
Janice Keller HR Specialist jkeller@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2508
Danielle Day HR Technician dday@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2543


Staff:   Title E-mail Voice
Rick Maria Division Manager rmaria@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2522
Rosemary Co Senior IT Analyst rco@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2553
TBD IT Network Analyst    
Bill Brandt IT Specialist bbrandt@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2750
Chio Phanh IT Specialist cphanh@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2527
Eric Zeng IT Specialist ezeng@sanramon.ca.gov 973-2520


We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583 | Map | Phone (925) 973-2500 | Fax (925) 866-1436